Elden Ring Unsightly Catacombs Location Guide: How To Complete

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March 31, 2022

Elden Ring Unsightly Catacombs is a side dungeon found on the western side of the Altus Plateau region, beneath the Perfumer’s Ruins, and home of the Perfumer Tricia and Misbegotten Warrior bosses.

The Unsightly Catacombs are a great place to gather Grave Glovewort upgrade materials for your Spirit Ashes.

In this Elden Ring guide, we will go over the Unsightly Catacombs and teach you how to reach and open the boss room. We’ll also go over all of the loot you can find when exploring this dungeon.

Elden Ring Unsightly Catacombs Location – Where To Find

The Unsightly Catacombs can be found on the western side of the Altus Plateau region, beneath the Perfumer’s Ruins, northwest of the Abandoned Coffin Site of Grace.

Elden Ring Unsightly Catacombs Location Where To Find Map

The entrance is located on the southwest side of the cliff, under the ruins, and is sealed by an Imp Statue Seal, requiring two Stonesword Keys to gain access.

It is recommended to equip a Torch or a lantern for the darker areas.

Unsightly Catacombs Location – How To Navigate

After you’ve opened the doors, proceed inside until you reach the Site of Grace.

Head down the steps ahead of the Site of Grace to reach a corridor.

A Misbegotten enemy is lying here, which you may ambush with ranged strikes before it can act, and one around the corner to the right, ready to ambush you.

Elden Ring Unsightly Catacombs Location First Room

There is a Summoning Pool just before the turn straight ahead.

The next hall has two larger Misbegotten enemies patrolling the left and right corridors.

After defeating them, gather the Grave Glovewort [5] going through one of the corridors.

Since there is nothing special left on this floor, head down the steps in the middle.

Down the next floor, keep an eye out for the Misbegotten, hiding in the right corner, and collect the Grave Violet not far from where it was.

Going on the path leading east, you will encounter a Misbegotten enemy and hound at the end of this path.

Elden Ring Unsightly Catacombs Location Misbegotten and Hound Enemy

After you defeat them, don’t forget to pick up the Grave Glovewort [5] by the wall.

Head through the south corridor to find the stairs to the next floor level.

There is a Grave Glovewort [4] to gather in your way and a Misbegotten enemy at the end of the corridor.

Elden Ring Unsightly Catacombs Location Pit

To the right of the Grave Glovewort, there is a pit you can jump down to filled with sleeping Misbegotten enemies.

Once you get down, look for a corpse on the southern wall holding the Winged Misbegotten Ashes and pick up the Ghost Glovewort [5] in the corner.

Carefully walk between the sleeping enemies without waking them up, head through the northern corridor, and pick up the Grave Glovewort [4].

At the top of the stairs, there is a statue with a lever in front of it in the center of the room, which is used to open the door leading to the boss.

Elden Ring Unsightly Catacombs Location Lever

After you pull the lever, look for a Rune Arc and the Prattling Pate “Apologies” in the corridors around the statue.

You can jump down in the middle of the room to get to the pit that connects to the previously locked door.

Keep an eye out for the Ogre, who is roaming the area.

Proceed through the open door and mist gate behind it to challenge the Unsightly Catacombs Boss: Perfumer Tricia and Misbegotten Warrior.

Elden Ring Unsightly Catacombs Location Perfumer Tricia and Misbegotten Warrior

After defeating both bosses, you will receive 9400 Runes and the Perfumer Tricia Ashes.

That’s how you complete the Elden Ring Unsightly Catacombs in the video game developed by FromSoftware. If you have any questions, leave them in the comments section below.

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