Elden Ring Gate Town Bridge Hyetta’s Quest: Where To Find The Third Shabriri Grape

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March 20, 2022

Gate Town Bridge is an Elden Ring Liurnia of the Lakes landmark where you’ll meet Hyetta for the third time if you follow her questline.

Elden Ring Gate Town Bridge Site of Grace is an empty location meaning that there are no essential items to be found here; however, you’ll need to talk to Hyetta, who will ask you for another Shabriri Grape, which is the third you’ll have to find.

The third Hyetta Shabriri Grape is also the trickiest because it’s pretty far away, and there are two locations you’ll have to investigate depending on your past choices.

No worries, though, because we’ll go over both scenarios so you can find the Shabriri Grape and bring it back to the Finger Maiden.

Elden Ring Gate Town Bridge Hyetta Location – Where To Find

As you can see on my map below, Gate Town Bridge is on the eastern side of the Liurnia region, north of Purified Ruins, where you found Hyetta the second time.

Elden Ring Hyetta's Questline Guide Third Location

As you travel to this location in FromSoftware’s latest game, you’ll find the Gate Town Bridge Site of Grace on top of a broken bridge that used to connect the eastern and western Liurnia.

Rest at the Site of Grace, then head north, and you’ll see Hyetta waiting for you in a small clearing.

Elden Ring Gate Town Bridge Hyetta's Location

Talk to her, and she’ll ask you for another Shabriri Grape. And here, things can become a bit confusing.

Hyetta’s Questline – Where To Find The Third Shabriri Grape

The third Shabriri Grape Hyetta is looking for is dropped by Edgar The Revenger, who happens to be Irina’s father.

So completing Irina’s Letter quest is mandatory for progressing Hyetta’s questline. If you already finished it, what you did at the end of that quest, or how you dealt with Irina’s father, determines the location of the Shabriri Grape.

Assuming you did not kill Edgar, you’ll need to travel to the Revenger’s Shack in western Liurnia.

Elden Ring Hyetta Shabriri Grape Third Location

Inside the Revenger’s Shack, you’ll find several corpses and a Site of Grace. If you try to loot the bodies inside the shack, or if you rest, you’ll trigger the Edgar The Revenger Invasion.

You’ll automatically obtain Hyetta’s third grape by defeating Irina’s father.

On the other hand, if you decided to end Edgar’s life upon completing Irina’s Letter quest, you’ll find the third Shabriri Grape at the entrance to Weeping Peninsula near the Bridge of Sacrifice Site of Grace below.

Elden Ring Gate Town Bridge Shabriri Grape Location

You may remember that Irina was by the road, and after completing her quest, her father was also here, which means that if you killed him, this was his last location.

Head to the place where he died, and you’ll find the Shabriri Grape near his corpse, as you can see in my screenshot.

Elden Ring Hyetta Quest Guide Third Grape Location

Now, regardless of where you find the grape, once you get it, you’ll have to head back to Hyetta and give it to her to progress the questline.

Make sure that once you deliver Hyetta’s third Shabriri Grape, you talk to her and exhaust all dialogue lines, then rest at the nearby Site of Grace and talk to her again. Now, rest one more time, and she’ll disappear, moving to the fourth location inside Bellum Church, covered here.

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