Elden Ring Murkwater Cave Patches Choices: Spare Or Kill

by Vlad
March 8, 2022

Patches is an Elden Ring NPC located in Murkwater Cave, a minor dungeon in the Limgrave region of the video game developed by FromSoftware.

Although marked as a boss, Patches is, in fact, a friendly character, provided you know how to tackle him.

This means that when you explore the Elden Ring Murkwater Cave, you’ll eventually find Patches, and you’ll have to decide what happens to him.

Obviously, you can opt to kill Patches, or you can spare his life. But what happens next?

Throughout the guide below, we’ll explore both scenarios:

  • What happens if you spare Patches’ life
  • What happens if you kill Patches in Murkwater Cave

Elden Ring Patches Location – Where To Find

Patches is inside a small dungeon known as Murkwater Cave. As you can see on the map below, this cave is east of Agheel Lake North Site of Grace or the location where you find Boc the Demi-Human.

The entrance to Murkwater Cave is close to the eastern river. After you get inside, you’ll notice that Murkwater Cave is relatively small.

There are also several enemies here, but they are easy to dispatch.

So, after you activate the Site of Grace, head towards the main cave, and deal with the mobs that spawn. Pay attention to the ground because several bells will alarm the enemies.

After you clear the central cave, follow the northern tunnel (pictured below).

Elden Ring Patches Location

If you check the other tunnel, you’ll find a chest containing some Mushrooms, and then you’ll have to return to the main cave.

At the end of the northern tunnel, step through the fog, and you’ll be in Patches’ cave, but you won’t be able to see him.

To find Patches (or force him to appear), you’ll have to interact with the chest on the other side of the cave. Don’t be afraid because this one is legit and contains the Cloth Garb and Cloth Trousers.

Where Is Patches Elden Ring

This chest will force Patches to appear and protect his goods. Obviously, he’s upset, and you’ll have to fight him.

After you remove half of his health, however, Patches asks you to stop, and here you have to make an important choice.

Kill Patches Choice – What Happens Next

If you continue to hit Patches, you’ll eventually kill him, and you’ll get the following items:

  • Two Golden Runes [1]
  • Spear +7
  • Leather Armor
  • Leather Gloves
  • Leather Boots
  • Patches’ Bell Bearing

It is essential to know that Patches is, in fact, a merchant, and if you spare him, you’ll get to access his store.

On the other hand, if you kill Patches, the items in his store will not be lost, but they can be accessed using Patches’ Bell Bearing.

Or, simply put, if you bring Patches’ Bell Bearing to the Twin Maiden Husks in Roundtable Hold, you’ll find all items sold by Patches there.

So in terms of loot, you won’t miss anything; however, you won’t be able to find him later in the game and miss some side content. This means that killing Patches in Elden Ring is a poor choice.

Spare Patches Choice – What Happens Next

Sparing Patches in Murkwater Cave is the recommended choice, and when he yells at you to stop hitting him, you should do just that.

Elden Ring Patches Kill Or Spare

The moment he surrenders, you’ll receive 2 Golden Runes [1] and the Grovel for Mercy Gesture. Now, you can talk to him, and you’ll have two dialogue choices:

  • Forgive and forget – You’ll forgive Patches for attacking you (recommended)
  • Some things can’t be forgiven – You’ll resume fighting Patches, and you’ll have to kill him, triggering the first choice above

Now, assuming you are a merciful Tarnished after you spare the funny NPC, he’ll tell you to come next time. What you have to do now is leave the area and return to him.

When you do this, he’ll have a lot of items to sell. Without going into details, after you leave the area, Patches story continues, and you’ll meet him further north in Liurnia, near the Scenic Isle Site of Grace.

As you continue to progress through the story, he’ll relocate to Volcano Manor, and he even has a quest for you. So, the best choice for this NPC is to spare his life.

Last but not least, when you return to check his shop, Patches’ Chest (you opened earlier) will be closed, and if you open it, you’ll be teleported east near the Minor Erdtree, between two Rune Bears. Pay attention, and don’t open it the second time.

So, did you spare or kill Patches in Murkwater Cave? Let us know your decision in the comments below.

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