Assassin’s Creed Valhalla How To: Help The Man Trapped By Bears

by Vlad
November 30, 2020

The Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Bears Trapped Man can be found on the southern side of the Vinland region in the video game developed by Ubisoft, and you’ll need to help them if you want to complete a new World Event named Ursine Takeover.

The AC Valhalla Ursine Takeover, however, comes with a choice you’ll have to make, and that choice has an important effect on the Breaking Teeth, Not Hearts World Event.

Basically, you’ll have to choose if you should let the Norse Man trapped by the bears die or if you should save him.

Just so you know, there is only one correct answer here, and below I will explain why.

Where To Find The Norse Man Trapped By Bears In AC Valhalla

Good, so as you can see on my map, the NPC is found in the southern part of Vinland.

It is just west of Nyhofn.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Ursine Takeover World Event Guide

When you approach the location on my map, you’ll find a small camp with three bears that patrol around an injured Norse Man.

The NPC will ask you to help him, but obviously, you also have the choice to let him die.

In this case, the bears will do the dirty job, and the event concludes.

But is it the correct choice?

Should you save the trapped man instead?

How To Save The Bears Trapped Man

The first thing you should do when you enter the small camp at Vithrloekr is to check the red tents on the right side, looking for a Torn Bloody Note.

This note clearly states that the bears nearby are war bears trained for Gorm and that they escaped their cages.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Torn Bloody Note
Read the note inside the camp first

The man you need to save has nothing to do with these bears, which means that killing them is mandatory.

This is an easy task, especially if you climb on a hill nearby and snipe them down with your bow.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Wart Bears
Snipe down the war bears and save the NPC

You can also extract the man without killing the bears, obviously, but in this case, you won’t be able to get the Vithrloekr Chest Key which is inside a bear.

The moment you do that, he’ll tell you that he is a hunter and he was separated by the Toothbreakers.

So this NPC is a hunter, and now since you saved him, he’ll join your hunting party when you play the Breaking Teeth, Not Hearts world event.

Although a lot of people will tell you that you should let the bears kill the poor man, the correct choice here is to save him.

That’s how you complete the Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Ursine Takeover quest.

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  1. Just to let others know, Ubisoft built in a failsafe for if you choose to complete the event by choosing to let the man die or if you complete it and leave the area without getting the key (as the bears will not respawn). The failsafe is that nearby the Bruhamarr Outpost (East of Vithrloekr) there are actually two keyholder enemies – one that holds the key for the chest in this outpost, and one that holds an additional Vithrloekr Chest Key.

  2. Letting him die is the better option only because if you let him live and save him the quest has a chance at glitching and not completing leaving a mystery slot unfilled.

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