1. If you interact with the white roses on the house near where you place the boxes, then the farmer will tell you that “your” mother is buried underneath the white-rose-covered oak tree just NW of the house. There you find 2 crosses/graves; one has a letter from the father saying he buried Rose and that he’ll never forget her.

    1. You can return back to him after rejecting the ring, sit down to hear another story, take the ring, and place it on Rose’s grave.

  2. If you visit the oak tree next to the house you’ll see that Rose is buried there next to her mother and you can leave the ring. You didn’t fool the old man he just needed you to go along with it so he could have a moment.

    1. Not a glitch, you have to put them on flat ground just outside the lean to, not actually under it as the instruction appears to be.

  3. You can also give the ring to the daughter, there is a small path just off the house with two graves. one the mother, one the daughter. You can leave the ring on her grave

  4. You look at the roses by where you put the crates down. The farmer tells you another bit of info,. Follow the clues some more, read another note hear another take and this time really finish it. It’s like the little girl that’s waiting for her father with the last leaf.

  5. You are playing a pillaging viking… stealing a ring from a confused old man isn’t going to cost you sleep at night. At least he’s still alive!

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