Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Wiki Guide: How To Free The Caged Jotun

by Vlad
December 10, 2020

The Caged Jotun is an Assassin’s Creed Valhalla NPC you will find close to a Jotun female who is trying to free him.

The Caged Jotun’s name is Skami, and you’ll have to decide his fate.

When you find the Jotun female, if you accept to help her, you’ll trigger The Puppeteer World Event.

Your objective in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla The Puppeteer quest is to free the Caged Jotun, thus helping his lover or the female outside the cage.

All you have to do is to find the key to his cage, but things are a bit trickier here.

So let’s see how you can complete this mystery.

Where To Find The Caged Jotun In AC Valhalla

Look for the Jotun female and the Caged Jotun in Jotunheim at the location marked on my map.

As you can see, the event takes place southwest of Skrymir’s Mitten, northwest of Ymir’s Altar, and northeast of Heart Of The Wood.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla The Puppeteer World Event Guide

How To Free The Caged Jotun

In order to complete the AC Valhalla Puppeteer World Event, first, you’ll have to talk to the Jotun Female.

  • When you approach the location on my map, go around the small house near the pond, and you’ll find the Caged Jotun and the Jotun Female
  • Talk to her, and she’ll tell you that a hunter caged the Jotun or the female’s lover. She also mentions a key you must find
  • Now, go around the house and while standing in the pond behind it, shoot the red locker on the door
  • Next, open the door, and you’ll see that, basically, this door is placed on a wall. Doesn’t make too much sense
  • Well, once you pass through the door on the other side, you’ll be able to spot two totems like those in my image below
Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Free Caged Man In Jotunheim How To
Pay close attention to these totems
  • Pass through them, wait for the door behind you to close, then open it again
  • When you do, you’ll find a hidden room and inside the hunter mentioned by the Jotun woman
  • The next step is to loot the place because there is also a chest containing one of the Ymir’s Stones you don’t want to miss
  • Also, read the Letter to a Secret Lover, which reveals that the hunter inside this house is the husband of the woman you just met. And that she cheated on him
  • Furthermore, the letter outlines that the hunter beat the woman when he found that he was cheated

This is a classic case of domestic violence, don’t you think?

  • What you want to do next is to look for the woman’s hairbrush on the table. When you pick it up, the hunter will most likely wake up, and you’ll have to defeat him
  • After the fight, you’ll have several choices. If you kill him, you’ll get the cage key from his dead body
  • If you threaten him, he’ll give you the key

All these choices will help you end this mystery, but who is right?

  • None of them. The Jotun woman cheated on his husband, while the woman is a liar because she “forgot” to tell you this.
  • The husband beat the woman, which is not acceptable. Leaving the area without making a choice is also unacceptable because, basically, you agree with both of them
  • So, if you kill the hunter, you’re a murderer. If you don’t, he’ll find the woman and kill her. If you don’t act, you’re an accomplice even if you don’t agree

This is obviously one of those quests that don’t have a fair solution, so you’ll have to decide for yourself.

Regardless of what you choose, the Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Puppeteer World Event ends once you get the key and free Skami outside, who, by the way, is also an accomplice.

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  1. I think it best to kill the husband. Not far from where the house is, there is a tower where Skami hides out at. There’s a note to his “treasured one” saying that he will kill her husband if he can. That he won’t be able to hurt her anymore. The reason she cheated is because her husband abuses her. I feel he is in the most wrong here.

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