1. Ubisoft always rushes shit out and bugs abound. I thought this was yet another but you clarified and I thank you.

    1. You’re most welcome. Unfortunately, I have a game-breaking bug that doesn’t allow me to complete the game. I am 99.9% done and need one final cutscene to end this game. Yet, I can’t, so you have a valid point.

  2. uhm so, in trying to get the gear in Londinium Bureau, there’s no need for any explosive arrows or anything. Instead, go the that hanging wooden plank (which is at the end ykwim) and then jump towards the building/room that you see in the front. Stand there and when u look inside the window thingie through the iron bars, you’ll see oil jars placed behind that weak stone wall. From here, take an aim with your arrow and point it towards the arrow. Move around till the arrow shows a red crosshair on that jar and then boom, your gate is open <3

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