Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Siege Of Paris Pruvinis Map To Thieves Camp Mystery: How To Complete

by Vlad
August 13, 2021

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla  Pruvinis Thieves Camp Map, or the Map To Thieves Camp you’ll find while exploring Pruvinis, is a Mystery or World Event quest item that allows you to unlock the Egbert Short Sword.

The AC Valhalla Pruvinis Thieves Camp Map, however, comes with a small puzzle similar to the one from the Melun Hoard Map.

Finishing the Pruvinis World Event is nevertheless mandatory if you wish to get 100% in Melunois, and throughout the guide below, we’ll discuss this event.

From the beginning, it’s worth knowing that the AC Valhalla Siege of Paris Pruvinis Mystery is actually named Ulfberht Sword.

How To Start The AC Valhalla Siege of Paris Pruvinis Mystery (Map To Thieves Camp Location)

The first thing you’ll want to do is to travel to Pruvinis, which is a hostile camp.

As you can see on my map below, it is found northeast of Melun in Melunois, or the first area you’ll explore in the latest DLC released by Ubisoft.

Now, when you get to the location on the following map, clear the camp by dealing with the French soldiers.

AC Valhalla Pruvinis Mystery Guide

Once you are done, it’s time to loot the place, and although there is a Gear Wealth as well as an Ingot you can find here, in this guide, we’ll focus only on the Pruvinis World Event.

As such, check the upper section of the camp to find an interesting table (pictured).

In front of it, there are several swords on the ground, while behind it, you’ll find the Map To Thieves Camp.

Interact with both of them to start the World Event.  

AC Valhalla Pruvinis Thieves Camp Map Location

The Thieves Camp Map also comes with several clues and instructions regarding the Ulfberht Sword. 

This means that your next objective is to find the Thieves Camp in Melunois.

How To Use The Pruvinis Thieves Camp Map

To use the map, basically, you’ll need to find the location on it.

This location is north of Pruvinis, and it’s called Blihaut.

So that’s where you’ll need to go next.

You can see it on the following map.

AC Valhalla Blihaut Wealth Ingot Location

Once you reach Blihaut, you’ll meet a strange Norse Man who is, in fact, a thief that sounds a lot like Gollum.

Regardless, your goal is to take the Sword from him.

When you approach him, you’ll have three options:

  • Give me the sword or else (requires 2 Charisma)
  • I’ll buy the sword (requires 3000 Silver)
  • I will fight you for the sword (requires you to kill the thief)
AC Valhalla Thieves Camp Location

How To Get The Egbert Short Sword

The best choice here is to use Eivor’s Charisma and convince the man to give you the sword; however, you need 2 Charisma points.

If you already completed all Flyting Duels, then you’re set, and you just got a new sword. If not, focus on those activities.

The next best choice is to fight the Norse Man and take the sword from his corpse. This is also a valid option because the Norse Man is an accessible opponent.

The worst choice is to pay for it, simply because 3000 Silver is a really big price, even for a Viking like Eivor.

No matter what you choose, it won’t affect the story or the achievements and trophies. 

After you get the sword, the Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Ulfberht Sword World Event Ends, and you’ll leave with a pretty nice new weapon.

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