Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Ostara Festival Spiritual Defense Firepit Locations

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March 21, 2021

Spiritual Defense is another Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Ostara Festival quest you can play during the Easter celebration, but unlike Twirling Targets, this is a one-time-only mission, meaning you can’t repeat it once you’re done finding all firepits.

Yes, firepits. That is what you have to find for the AC Valhalla Spiritual Defense quest, and I will tell you where to find them and how to light them up. To make this guide as helpful as possible, it’s worth knowing how to start the Spiritual Defense quest and what you have to do. Furthermore, for each AC Valhalla firepit, you have to find, there will be two screenshots.

Those on the left side show you the on-map locations of all firepits, while those on the right side show you the actual in-game firepits you need to light. Obviously, I have added a series of hints to help you find them faster.

Where To Find the AC Valhalla Firepits During Ostara Festival

To trigger the Spiritual Defense mission, first, you’ll have to find Alvis or the quest giver. If you open your map, you can spot him near a small lake northeast of Ravensthorpe. Head to the icon’s location and look for a stone like the one below.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Spiritual Defense Quest

Now, depending on when you arrive there, the game may prompt you to wait for nightfall, so a bit of meditation is required if the sun is still up. Press and hold Down on your D-Pad and select Meditate to fast-forward the time if you can’t interact with the stone by the lake.

If you’re playing this during nighttime, simply interact with the said stone, and you’ll trigger a cutscene introducing Ake. Without going into details on who Ake is, the idea behind this quest is simple. You have to find and lit eight firepits, then return to him. So, let’s do just that.

Firepit #1: Behind Ake

The first firepit location doesn’t need an on-map screenshot because it’s easy to find. In fact, Ake shows it to you during the cutscene. As you can see in my screenshot, it’s just behind our quest-giver. Get to the stone in the lake and interact with the firepit to light it up. You can also use a torch if you want, but usually, these firepits are set on fire simply by interacting with them.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Firepits Locations

Firepit #2: Close to the Graveyard

The second firepit is difficult to find because the game doesn’t mark its location. If this happens to you, use the screenshot below, which shows my character standing close to the graveyard northwest of Ravensthorpe. The firepit is close to a rather large tree, which is impossible to miss.

Firepit #3: By the Docks

The next firepit you must find is close to the docks or west of them. As you can see in my screenshot, you’ll find it near the path leading toward Eivor’s longhouse on a small hill.

Firepit #4: Along Nene River

Moving on, we have another AC Valhalla firepit southeast of the docks. This is also a bit tricky to find, especially because Synin seems to suffer from blindness. Regardless, you’ll find it on the southeastern shore of the Nene River, and you can see the docks in the second screenshot below.

Firepit #5: In the Southeastern Woods

From your previous location, move northeast, and you’ll find the fifth firepit. It is located in the woods, on top of a hill overseeing the village. To locate it faster, use the icon on my map below.

Firepit #6: North of the Stables

North of your stables, you can find the sixth Spiritual Defense firepit. As you can see in my second screenshot, it’s located by a wooden bridge, and you can also see Eivor’s stables in the distance.

Firepit #7: On Top of the Waterfall

Also north of your settlement is the seventh firepit you have to light. Simply look for it on top of the waterfall overseeing Ravensthorpe.

Firepit #8: Across Nene River

And finally, we have the last firepit location, which is by far the hardest to find because, again, Synin is partially blind. To find it, you’ll have to cross the Nene River and head to the hill south of your village. The location is well known because it’s the same hill where Eivor learns the Leap of Faith.

How To Finish Spiritual Defense Quest

Good, now that you found all the firepits around Ravensthorpe, it’s time to return to Ake, who has one last task for you. The next part is pretty straightforward. Simply follow Ake to a hill nearby, and you’ll have to interact with a totem. Again, this event can only be completed at night, so meditate if needed.

Once you interact with the totem, you’ll trigger a small fighting sequence against some ghosts. Defeat them, then the quest ends. Ake returns to his daily duties, and you’ll receive 140 Festival Coins you can spend at Norvid’s Shop.

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