Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Counting Sheep Dun Ardtreck Shard: Where To Find

by Vlad
December 15, 2021

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Dun Ardtreck Shard is a quest item you have to retrieve while playing the Counting Sheep mission on the Isle of Skye featured in the latest DLC released by Ubisoft.

Out of all 5 Isle of Skye Shards, the AC Valhalla Dun Ardtreck Shard is the trickiest, mainly because the game doesn’t mark its exact location after you get to Dun Ardtreck.

This means that to find the Isle of Skye Dun Ardtreck Shard in AC Valhalla, you’ll have to do some exploration.

To save you time, I’ll tell you where to look for it in the following guide.

AC Valhalla Isle Of Skye Dun Ardtreck Shard – Where To Find

Assassin's Creed Valhalla Dun Ardtreck Shard Location

Let’s start with the general location of the shard, which, as you can see, is found in Dun Ardtreck.

This landmark is, in fact, a camp that is well-guarded. If you are new to the game, you may want to be extra cautious here.

On the other hand, this camp is a walk in the park for those who have already played the game and reached the level cap.

So, look for Dun Ardtreck on the southwestern coast of Skye Island.

Dun Ardtreck Shard – How To Get

Once you get to the location marked on the map, your priority is to clear the camp.

We won’t go over this objective because it depends on your playstyle.

After the base is cleared, you’ll notice that no waypoint indicates where the Shard is.

Even if you use Synin, he won’t be able to track it down.

That’s because the Shard at Dun Ardtreck is underwater.

So, to get this one from the camp, head southeast towards the beach.

Eventually, you’ll see some sort of a quarry, and if you open your map, you can notice two solitary cliffs in the water.

Those cliffs or stones mark your diving spot.

While underwater, you’ll find the ruins of a round building. 

Use Odin’s Sight to scan the area and check the upper floor of the ruins. 

You can see the exact location in the following screenshot.

AC Valhalla Dun Ardtreck Shard Location

As you can guess, if you know where to find the AC Valhalla Dun Ardtreck Shard, you can avoid the enemies in the camp; however, you’ll miss some great loot.

Finally, after you get this Isle of Skye Shard, track down the other four, then use them on the stone in the Cave of Gold.

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