Assassin’s Creed Valhalla How To: Hunt Treasures With Lady Trotters

Written by Vlad Susanu
December 2, 2020

In Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Lady Trotters is a red hog who is just as unusual as Matilda The Seer; the difference being that Matilda is a pig and she can talk, while Lady Trotters is a hog and she can hunt for treasures. A hog, not a boar, and definitely not a pig, as the Boarmaster (her owner) will immediately let you know.

The AC Valhalla Lady Trotters; however, is not like other hogs because they are not red, and those hunt truffles, which honestly are a lot more expensive than the treasures you’ll find with Lady Trotters while playing The Boar with the Golden Nose World Event in the Essexe region.

Regardless of her color, though, Lady Trotters is our objective in this guide, and she’s quite friendly even though the Boarmaster is cranky.

So let’s see how we can hunt for some treasures using the red lady hog, who is not a pig.

Where To Find Lady Trotters & The Boarmaster In AC Valhalla

Good, so as you can see on my map, Lady Trotters and the Boarmaster are found on the southwestern side of Essexe.

When you get to the location marked above, you will find a small camp and, by the fire, the Boarmaster.

Look around, and you should also spot his red hog.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Boar with the Golden Nose Guide

Now when you talk to the Boarmaster, he’ll tell you that you stink (not true) and that Lady Trotters is not a mushroom pig. As in, she’s not hunting truffles like other pigs but treasures.

On top of that, she’s eating berries which explains why she’s red.

While talking to the Boarmaster, Lady Trotters will sniff a new treasure and interrupt your dialogue.

The first step here is straightforward. Follow her and find the treasure.

She’ll lead you to a location nearby, and the Boarmaster will dig for a very important treasure. A pair of socks.

Obviously, he’ll go to sleep after all the run, and he’ll leave Lady Trotters in your care with the promise that if you find new treasures, he’ll share them with you.

Fair and square.

Now the treasure hunt begins.

How To Find Treasures Using The Red Hog

After the Boarmaster leaves, the first thing you’ll want to do is to dig up the treasure (aka Soaked Shoe) Lady Trotters just found.

The moment you do that, the red hog (not the pig) will run away. So stay close to her because she’ll lead you to a new treasure, as you can see below.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Lady Trotters Treasure Location
Look, a treasure!

By the river above, you’ll find an impressive doll made of wood.

Make sure you examine the spot on the ground to collect the treasure, then the hunt continues.

In the next spot (by a Roman column), Lady Trotters will find a Sacred Orb. Things are getting better and better, right?

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Lady Trotters All Treasures Location

So, pick up the Orb and continue following her because several steps away, she’ll find another treasure which is, in fact, an army of 5 thugs that will attack you.

Obviously, as Lady Trotters’ friend, you can’t allow them to hurt your red treasure hunter, so dispatch them quickly to dig a new treasure in the field of blue flowers.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Lady Trotters Treasures Location
The third treasure spot is the best!

By examining the third spot, you’ll be able to find an impressive set of cutlery, which is perfect for eating a slice of bacon from the red hog that wasted 5 minutes of your life.

Once you find the last treasure, the event ends, but you can return to the Boarmaster and tell him that you have been attacked by bandits.

He’ll agree to let you keep the treasures you found because you saved his girl’s life. Whatever that means…

That’s how you hunt treasures with Lady Trotters in order to complete the Assassin’s Creed Boar With The Golden Nose world event, so now let’s go and find the best AC Valhalla Easter Egg.

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