Hogwarts Legacy A Basis For Blackmail Cellar Puzzle Guide

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February 17, 2023

A Basis For Blackmail is the third Hogwarts Legacy relationship quest as part of Natty Onai’s questline, in which you’ll gather evidence from people harassed by Harlow and Rookwood. While gathering evidence from Mrs. Bickle’s friends, Natty is kidnapped by the Ashwinders, and you’ll have to find and rescue her.

To find Natty in A Basis For Blackmail Quest, you’ll have to follow her trail to an Ashwinder Hideout inside a cellar. A Basis For Blackmail Relationship Quest becomes available after you have advanced Natty’s relationship questline until you’ve completed Mom’s The World Quest.

This means you have to progress the main story until you finish In The Shadow Of The Mine Main Story Quest with Sebastian. Then, Natty will send you an Owl to meet with her outside Hogsmeade. You can see her location in the image below.

Hogwarts Legacy A Basis For Blackmail Starting Location

Speak with Natty outside Hogsmeade to begin the A Basis For Blackmail in Hogwarts Legacy.

How To Complete a Basis for Blackmail Quest

During the conversation, both of you agree that you should gather the evidence from the people blackmailed by Rookwood and Harlow while Natty spies on the Ashwinders around the Hog’s Head. So, you’ll have to speak with Daisy Rabe, Agabus Philbert, and Otto Dibble to gather information from them.

Where To Find Daisy Rabe

Daisy Rabe can be found inside the Tree Broomstick on the last floor. After you enter the tavern, head up the stairs on the left until you see her overlooking the bar. Speak with Daisy Rabe to learn that Harlow approached her about helping him extort her colleagues into giving him treasures from the vaults. But she declined, and her husband, Isko Rabe, was kidnapped by the Harlow and Ashwinders.

A Basis For Blackmail Daisy Rabe Location

At the end of the conversation, Mrs. Rabe will also give you the note she received from Rookwood.

Where To Find With Otto Dibble

Leave the Three Broomsticks and follow the quest marker northeast to find Otto Dibble near Gladrags Wizardwear. When you speak with him, you’ll discover he’s secretly engaged to Rosie, Mr. Hill’s daughter, without him knowing.

Harlow took Rosie’s love letter to Otto Dibble when he was not looking, and now Harlow is blackmailing him into telling Mr. Hill about their relationship.

A Basis For Blackmail Otto Dibble Location

Where To Find Agabus Philbert

Once you finish the conversation with Otto Dible, follow the quest marker to West Hogsmeade and speak with Agabus Philbert. You’ll learn that Theophilus Harlow committed an act of violence against Agabus Philbert by breaking into his home and stealing a gold-plated poetry book, a birthday gift for her wife, who passed away.

The event traumatized him, and he feared for his life, which made him refuse to speak out and file a complaint against Harlow.

Hogwarts Legacy A Basis For Blackmail Agabus Philbert Location

How To Search for Natty Near the Hog’s Head Inn (Follow the Trail)

After you speak with all three of Mrs. Bickle’s friends, return to the meeting spot to update Natty. Unfortunately, she didn’t come back, and you’ll have to look for her near the Hog’s Head Inn. Check the docks near the Hog’s Head to find Natty Onai’s Wand left behind on a crate.

A Basis For Blackmail Natty Onai's Wand Location

After you collect Natty Onai’s Wand, cast Revelio by pressing DPad Left to highlight her footsteps with orange. Follow the footsteps through the Hog’s Head Inn until you reach Ashwinder Hideout inside a cellar.

Follow the highlighted orange footsteps.

After you enter the cellar, you’ll see two small barrels with handles on them and another larger one without a handle. Pull the smaller barrels toward you by casting Accio to reveal a hidden door on the larger barrel.

Pull the two levers with Accio to reveal a secret door.

After you go through the hidden door, the main objective is to find Natty. But there are also two optional objectives to find Agabus Philbert’s Book of Poems and Otto Dibble’s Love Letter, which we will cover below.

Agabus Philbert’s Book of Poems Location

To make things easier, defeat all the Ashwinders in the next room. Then, position yourself in the middle of the room and turn your camera west to find a small blue chest on the bar counter. Inside the small blue chest, you’ll find Agabus Philbert’s Book of Poems.

Agabus Philbert's Book of Poems Location

Otto Dibble’s Love Letter Location

Position yourself again in the middle of the room, head up the stairs southeast, and climb the ledge. You’ll reach a larger chest than the previous one containing Otto Dibble’s Love Letter.

Otto Dibble's Love Letter Location

Where To Find Isko Rabe

After picking both optional items, follow the quest marker to a room where you will see Natty and Isko Rabe inside separate prison cells. Talk to Isko Rabe, who will ask you to find his wand to break the curse on the prison locks.

Isko Rabe Dialogue

Isko Rabe’s Wand can be found inside an invisible locked chest on the table. To reveal the chest, cast Revelio by pressing DPad Left near the table. Then, unlock the chest by solving the minigame and return the wand to Isko Rabe.

Isko Rabe's Wand Location

Wait for Mr. Rabe to dispel the curses, then leave the Ashwinders’ Hideout the way you came in. Finally, speak with Officer Singer, who’s been waiting outside the inn, and tell her what you have done to complete the A Basis For Blackmail in Hogwarts Legacy.

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