Hogwarts Legacy Professor Sharp’s Assignment 1 Potion Locations

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February 11, 2023

Professor Sharp’s Assignment 1 is one of the twelve Hogwarts Legacy Assignments available in the video game developed by Avalanche Software, and it allows you to unlock the Depulso Spell, as well as Sharp’s Second Assignment.

Depending on how you want to approach Professor Sharp’s Assignment 1 in Hogwarts Legacy, this side quest can take less than 5 minutes to complete, or it can become a fetch quest focused on searching for brewing ingredients. Regardless, throughout the following guide, we’ll go over both options so you can pick the one that works best for you.

Aside from unlocking one of the 34 Spells in Hogwarts Legacy, you’ll also receive 150 XP at the end of this Assignment.

Professor Sharp’s Assignment 1 is triggered automatically after you complete the Jackdaw’s Rest main quest via a letter you’ll receive through the Owl Post.

Hogwarts Legacy Professor Sharp’s Assignment 1 Walkthrough

The letter, as you can see, is from Professor Sharp, and it reads:

“You need to learn Depulso, the Banishing Charm. Useful for pushing objects or adversaries away. Complete the required tasks and meet me in my classroom.”

After reading the letter, open your Field Guide, and in the Quests Section, you’ll find the tasks Sharp has for you:

  1. Acquire and use a Focus Potion.
  2. Acquire Maxima and Edurus Potions and use them simultaneously

As said, this quest can take less than 5 minutes to complete, depending on how you wish to approach it. So, let’s go over the fastest method first.

How To Acquire and Use a Focus Potion

To acquire and use a Focus Potion, first, you have to get your hands on it. And the fastest way to do that is by buying it from J. Pippin’s Potions in Hogsmeade. So travel to Hogsmeade, then find J. Pippin, you may remember from the Welcome To Hogsmeade main quest. Talk to the shopkeeper, and from his inventory, buy one Focus Potion for 500 Galleons.

Hogwarts Legacy Focus Potion Location Guide

Great job. Now, let’s see how to use it to complete Sharp’s first task. After purchasing the Focus Potion, you have to exit the Shop. Remember that Potions act as Tools in Hogwarts Legacy, meaning you’ll need to equip it first. Therefore, press and hold L1/LB to open your Tools Wheel, then use the Right Thumbstick to select the Focus Potion below.

Hogwarts Legacy Professor Sharp’s Assignment 1 Focus Potion

Release L1/LB after selecting the Focus Potion, and while standing outside the Shop, press L1/LB to use it, completing the first task for Sharp. If you don’t want to buy the Focus Potion, you can brew it yourself; however, first, you’ll need to buy the Focus Potion Recipe recipe from J. Pippin for 1,200 Galleons.

Then, you’ll also need to find the following ingredients:

  • 1 Lacewing Flies – they can be captured from the glowing bushes
  • 1 Fluxweed Stem – available for purchase from The Magic Neep in Hogsmeade or obtained by growing Fluxweed at the Potting Table
  • 1 Dugbog Tongue – obtained from the Dugbogs roaming in the swampy areas such as South Sea Bog

So, as you can see, the second method requires some work, and it is also a bit more expensive, but once you have all the ingredients, you’ll brew the Focus Potion. So equip it and consume it as explained above.

How To Acquire Maxima and Edurus Potion and Use Them Simultaneously

The Maxima and Edurus Potions you’ll need to consume simultaneously follow the same logic, meaning that you can buy them from J. Pippin’s Potions Shop. The Edurus Potion costs 300 Galleons, just like the Maxima Potion. If you don’t have enough Galleons, consider selling some of the gear you don’t need anymore.

After you buy them, exit the Shop and access the Tools Wheel. Equip one Potion at a time and press L1/LB to consume both. The order is not important as long as both Potions are active on you at the same time.

Hogwarts Legacy Professor Sharp’s Assignment 1 Edurus Maxima Potion

Like the previous Potion, you can brew Maxima and Edurus Potions, provided you are willing to spend some Galleons for the Recipes and time to get the ingredients.

The Maxima Potion requires the following:

  • Maxima Potion Recipe – available at J. Pippin’s Potions Shop for 500 Galleons
  • 1 Leech Juice – obtained from Leeches found near water sources (rivers/lakes)
  • 1 Spider Fang – obtained from Spiders in the Forbidden Forest

For the Edurus Potion, you’ll need the following:

  • Edurus Potion Recipe – Unlocked after completing the Potions Class main quest
  • 1 Ashwinder Eggs – found while exploring the world, these orange eggs are very common
  • 1 Mongrel Fur -obtained by killing wolves (mongrels)

Regardless of how you obtain these Potions, once you drink them, you’ll complete both of Sharp’s tasks. To finish the quest, however, you must return to the Potions Class using the Potions Classroom Floo Flame in The Library Annex. If you arrive during the night, you’ll also have to progress the time, and you can do this by opening your Field Guide and pressing the Right Thumbstick (Wait) while viewing the map.

After Professor Sharp arrives, talk to him, and he’ll teach you how to cast Depulso simply by completing a mini-game, which requires you to guide your wand and follow the pattern on the left side of the screen.

Now that Hogwarts Legacy Professor Sharp’s Assignment 1 is complete, if you want to start Professor Sharp’s Assignment 2, keep an eye on your Owl Post for another letter that should arrive shortly.

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