Hogwarts Legacy Flying Class: How To Use The Broom

February 12, 2023

Hogwarts Legacy Flying Class is a main quest where Madam Kogawa teaches you how to fly with the broom in the video game developed by Avalanche Software.

Because of the huge size of the Hogwarts Legacy map, learning to fly is crucial, and you shouldn’t postpone it.

However, everything is hard when you do it for the first time, and you may get confused in Madam Kogawa’s class.

But no worries, we got you covered, and throughout the Flying Class quest guide below, we will teach you everything you need to know to handle a broom in the air.

How To Start Flying Class In Hogwarts Legacy

First of all, to start Flying Class, you need to complete the previous main quest, named Jackdaw’s Rest.

Then, Madam Kogawa will wait for you to attend her class in the courtyard on the east part of Hogwarts Castle.

Track the quest to get there quickly, or even better, fast travel at one of the Floo Flames in the Bell Tower Wing, preferably the closest to the courtyard.

If you can’t find Madam Kogawa at the location in question, go to the yellow ring on the ground and interact with it by pressing the Square/X button on your PlayStation/Xbox controller.

Hogwarts Legacy Flying Class Walkthrough

How To Fly Through The Rings

Once the Hogwarts Legacy Flying Class main quest starts, you have to get on a broom and fly through the three huge rings in front of you.

Hogwarts Legacy Flying Class Guide

To do so, you’ll need to use the Left stick (controller) to move in a direction.

And the Right stick (also controller) to ascend or descend.

Take it slow and go through each ring.

How To Fly Through The Rings Around The Grounds

Now things get tricky because you need to speed up to fly through the rings around the grounds for the Hogwarts Legacy Flying Class main quest.

You can hold R2/RT to increase flight speed or press L3/LS to toggle flight speed.

Now go through the rings in the order the white marker indicates.

Hogwarts Legacy Flying Class How To Fly

How To Follow Everett Clopton

After flying through the last ring, a fellow student, Everett Clopton, will suggest you take a more challenging route.

Because you like adrenalin, you decide to follow Everett and take a bit of a detour.

In the begging, you can follow Everett easily, but at some point, he increases his speed, and you can’t keep up.

So, he teaches you to lean forward for a burst of speed by holding L2/LT.

Hogwarts Legacy Flying Class Broom Controls

As you can see, you speed up quite a bit. But if you look at the bottom right corner of your screen, you can see a yellow bar that gets depleted as you hold L2/LT.

However, if you let go of the speed burst button, the yellow bar slowly refills.

Now continue following Everett until you return to the courtyard, where you have to land at the yellow quest marker.

To land and get off the broom, you have to get close to the ground and hold the Circle/B button.

Madame Kogawa is waiting for you on the ground, and she is not happy that you took the scenic route.

Upon talking to her and Everett, the Hogwarts Legacy Flying Class quest comes to an end, but let’s review the controls you use to fly a broom:

  • use the Left stick to move in a direction
  • use the Right stick to ascend or descend
  • hold L2/LT for a speed burst
  • hold R2/RT to increase flight speed
  • press L3/LS to toggle flight speed
  • hold Circle/B to dismount

Congratulations, friend! You are now a pro at flying with the broom. Now that you have finished Hogwarts Legacy Flying Class make sure you check our guide on how to upgrade the broom.

Last but not least, you can also complete the Demanding Delivery and Flight Test side quests that become available now or pick one of the two main quests (In the Shadow of the Undercroft or The Room of Requirement).

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