Hogwarts Legacy Professor Onai’s Assignment Troll Bogey Locations

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February 15, 2023

Hogwarts Legacy Professor Onai’s Assignment allows you to unlock the Descendo Spell, provided you know where to find Troll Bogeys and how to cast Depulso on a levitated enemy. Unlike Madam Kogawa’s Assignments, Professor Onai’s tasks are a bit more difficult but nevertheless mandatory if you wish to unlock all Spells in Hogwarts Legacy.

Professor Onai’s Assignment in the latest video game published by Warner Bros. Games also rewards you 150 XP, and it counts as one of the 12 Assignments you can access. Onai’s Assignment becomes available after you finish Percival Rackham’s Trial story quest and successfully complete the first Trial in the game.

Shortly after completing the main quest, you’ll receive a new letter from your Divination Class Professor via the Owl Post.

Hogwarts Legacy Professor Onai's Assignment Walkthrough

Make sure you check it out by accessing your Field Guide:

“Please see me after class once you have completed the tasks I have set for you. I would like to teach you Descendo – useful for pulling objects to the ground.”

Great, now let’s check the tasks Onai discusses in her letter. Navigate to the Quests Tab next, and you’ll learn that to unlock Descendo, you’ll have to:

  • Collect one Troll Bogey
  • Cast Depulso on a levitated enemy

Before moving forward, it’s worth mentioning that there are multiple locations where you can complete these two tasks, but for the sake of our guide, we’ll reveal the one we have used. Alternatively, you can complete them while playing through the story or working on side-quests. If you want to focus on this quest alone, here is what you must do next.

How To Cast Depulso on a Levitated Enemy

To complete both objectives, we picked a location on the map’s southern side—specifically, the Troll Lair west of Henrietta’s Hideaway in the Manor Cape Region. You can see the exact location on the map below, and to get here, you’ll need to reach the Poidsear Coast first.

Hogwarts Legacy Professor Onai's Assignment Guide

While flying towards the Troll Lair marked on our map, you’ll find a small Poachers’ Camp on the road northwest of it. Before engaging them, you’ll want to equip the Levioso and Depulso Spells by pressing Right on your DPad.

Now, get close to the camp, mark a target by pressing the Right Thumbstick, and cast Levioso. Without changing the target that levitates, cast Depulso, and the first task is complete. Again, you can do this on any enemy except trolls or other giant creatures.

Hogwarts Legacy Professor Onai Assignment Cast Depulso on Levitated Enemy

Hogwarts Legacy Troll Bogey Locations

The Troll Bogeys in Hogwarts Legacy are resources gathered after defeating Trolls. A Troll Bogey is a thick mucus used to craft the Invisibility Potion. Since a Troll Bogey is a guaranteed drop, all you need to do for the second task in Professor Onai’s Assignment is to defeat a Troll.

So, resume your travel to the Troll Lair marked on our map above, and deal with the River Troll roaming on the beach. Make sure that once you defeat the Troll, you get the Troll Bogey dropped by the giant creature.

Hogwarts Legacy Professor Onai Assignment Troll Bogey Location

As said, you can get Troll Bogeys from all Trolls, including the one you’ll encounter while playing the Troll Control side quest or any other Troll you deal with. Great! Now that you have completed the second task, it’s time to return to Professor Onai.

You’ll find her in the Divination Classroom in The Library Annex Area. Simply fast-travel to the Divination Classroom Floo Flame or the closest Floo Flame you have unlocked, then climb the metal ladder to reach Onai’s small classroom. Be advised that you must attend the class during the day, so if needed, fast-forward the time by pressing the Right Thumbstick after accessing your Field Guide map.

After she arrives, you’ll get the chance to learn Descendo by completing the associated mini-game, which requires you to guide your wand following the pattern on the right side.

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