Hogwarts Legacy: How To Solve All Hogwarts Secrets

March 25, 2023

Hogwarts Legacy Hogwarts Secrets are puzzles you must solve, provided you want to get your hands on some loot and collectibles such as Field Guide Pages and Collection Chests.

If you are a completionist, you need to obtain the collectibles as they are required to achieve 100% completion in Hogwarts Castle.

There are 3 Hogwarts Secrets you must solve, and for each one, you complete an Exploration Challenge. Completing all 3 Challenges will get you 3 gear skins: Secret Solver’s Bathing Costume, Tailored Tailcoat, and Fashionable Dress Robes.

Here is the list of puzzles you need to solve for all 3 Hogwarts Secrets:

  • Clock Tower Pendulum Puzzle
  • Viaduct Bridge Puzzle
  • Key Of Admittance Puzzle

Note that the puzzles are pretty hard to solve and may cause you problems.

No worries, though, because we got your back, and throughout the following guide, we’ll explain where to find and how to solve all 3 Hogwarts Secrets’ puzzles in Hogwarts Legacy.

How To Solve The Clock Tower Pendulum Hogwarts Secret Puzzle

For the first puzzle, you have to fast travel to the Clock Tower Courtyard Floo Flame in the South Wing area of Hogwarts Castle.

Then head south to the exit, but instead of leaving the castle, turn around and look up toward the giant pendulum.

As you can see, the pendulum passes 4 symbols while swinging.

Hogwarts Legacy Hogwarts Secrets Locations

There are 4 doors around the area, each having one of the 4 symbols. To solve the Hogwarts Secret puzzle, you must find and open each door.

The problem is that the doors are locked. To continue, you must stop the pendulum when it’s in front of the symbol you see on the door you want to unlock.

There are 2 Hogwarts Legacy spells you can use to freeze the pendulum: Arresto Momentum and Glacius.

We suggest you use Glacius because it will last longer, giving you more time to reach the door.

Arresto Momentum will also get the job done, but if you don’t want the time pressure, use Glacius.

However, if you use Glacius, you might also need to use Confringo to get the pendulum moving again.

Now let’s see where we can find the 4 symbol doors.

Symbol Door #1: Next To A Chair On The Ground Floor

The first symbol door needed for the Clock Tower Pendulum Hogwarts Secret can be found right on the ground floor, in the eastern corner, next to a chair.

To unlock the door, you have to stop the pendulum when it’s in front of the first sign from left to right.

Inside the room you’ve just unlocked, you’ll find one of the 5 South Wing Collection Chests.

Hogwarts Legacy Hogwarts Secrets Solutions

Symbol Door #2: On The First Floor

Upon opening the first symbol door, go in front of the gate leading outside of the castle.

Without going outside and facing the gate, head to the left door.

Open the door by picking a level 1 lock using Alohomora and get to the next floor, where you can see the pendulum symbols at eye level.

Freeze the pendulum when it’s in front of the second symbol, and go to the northwestern part of the wooden balcony for the second symbol door, which can now be opened.

Where To Find All Hogwarts Legacy Hogwarts Secrets

Symbol Door #3: On The Second Floor

For the third symbol door required to solve the Clock Tower Pendulum Hogwarts Secret puzzle, you need to head to the second floor using the stairs going up near the previous entry you unlocked.

Now freeze the pendulum in front of the third symbol and head east to find the third door upon going down some stairs.

Where To Find All 3 Hogwarts Legacy Hogwarts Secrets

Symbol Door #4: Between Floors

After opening the third door, freeze the pendulum in front of the fourth symbol and head up the stairs southwest until you find a closed door.

Attention, you don’t need to reach the third floor; the closed door is between levels. Go through to get to the fourth symbol door, which is right in front.

Upon opening the fourth door, you solve the Clock Tower Pendulum Hogwarts Secret. Note that you need to open all 4 doors, not just unlock them.

How To Find All 3 Hogwarts Legacy Hogwarts Secrets

How To Solve The Viaduct Bridge Puzzle In Hogwarts Legacy

The Viaduct Bridge Hogwarts Secret puzzle is found by fast traveling to the Viaduct Courtyard Floo Flame in the Great Hall area of the castle.

Then go down the stairs northwest of the Floo Flame to get to a bridge with 4 unlit braziers on its railings.

Now head to the northwestern end of the bridge to find a golden sewer cap with some symbols and Roman numerals.

How To Find All Hogwarts Legacy Hogwarts Secrets

Close southwest of the sewer cap, you have one of the braziers, and if you examine it, you can see that it has a Roman numeral and symbol under it.

How To Solve All Hogwarts Legacy Hogwarts Secrets

If you go back to the sewer cap, you can see that the corresponding Roman numeral for the symbol under the previous brazier is II.

To continue, you have to light the brazier using Confringo and then interact with it until it displays the Roman numeral II.

Then repeat the process with the other braziers and interact with them so that they display the correct Roman numeral, as shown on the golden sewer cap.

For the brazier northeast of the sewer cap, you have the Roman numeral IV. Don’t forget to light the brazier first, or you won’t be able to interact with it.

Now go to the other end of the bridge, where you have the remaining 2 braziers.

Cast Confringo to light them, then interact with them so that the one to the southwest displays III and the one to the northeast I.

If all the braziers are lit and show the correct Roman numeral, the sewer cap can now be opened, solving the Viaduct Bridge Hogwarts Secret.

You can enter the sewer to find 2 of the 8 Library Annex Collection Chests.

How To Solve The Key Of Admittance Puzzle

For the third Hogwarts Secret in Hogwarts Legacy, you have to find a specific key and use it to open a room above the castle’s Trophy Room.

Once you find the key and open the room, you solve the puzzle.

The key is close to the Headmaster’s Office, and it would be best to refer to our Key Of Admittance guide here for more details.

How To Solve All 3 Hogwarts Legacy Hogwarts Secrets

Fantastic job, friend! You’ve solved all 3 Hogwarts Legacy Hogwarts Secrets like a pro. But if you need help with other puzzles, collectibles, or quests, you should go to our Wiki Hub here.

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