Hogwarts Legacy Mom’s The Word: How To Complete

February 15, 2023

Hogwarts Legacy Mom’s The Word is the second relationship quest as part of Natsai Onai or Natty’s questline, which consists of a conversation between you, Natty, and her mother, Professor Onai.

In Mom’s The Word Quest, you’ll assist the conversation between Natty and her mother and learn more about Natty’s extraordinary ability to transform into a gazelle.

During the conversation, you can pick whatever dialogue lines you want. It doesn’t change the course of Natty’s questline whatsoever.

So, let’s see what the requirements are to unlock Mom’s The Word Quest and what’s the next move as part of her questline.

How To Unlock Mom’s The Word Quest In Hogwarts Legacy

To make the Mom’s The Word Quest available, you’ll have to progress the story until you’ve completed the Fire And Vice Quest.

Also, make sure to finish her first relationship quest called The Lost Child Quest, where you rescue Archie Bickle from Theophilus Harlow’s hands.

Then, you’ll receive a message from Natty through the Owl Post asking you to meet her outside the Divination Classroom.

Hogwarts Legacy Mom's The Word Quest Location

How To Complete Mom’s The Word In Hogwarts Legacy

The conversation begins with Naty meeting with her mother, Professor Onai, outside the Divination Classroom to discuss the message she received about the unusual creature spotted in the woods near Hogsmeade.

Then, the conversation turns to Officer Singer’s notification that Natty has been trying to collect evidence against Dark wizards, which prompts Professor Onai to forbid her from visiting Hogsmeade in the near future.

Natty protests, reminding her mother of the importance of taking action against dangerous people, as she believes that if someone had ‘meddled’ in Matabeleland, her father would still be alive.

Despite her mother’s concerns, Natty is convinced that she must deal with Rookwood and Harlow and not hide from them.

She feels frustrated by her mother’s lack of understanding and control over her, particularly when she claims that she has foreseen tragedy befalling Natty in her gazelle form.

Natty will also express her love for transforming and how her Animagus ability has enabled her to spy on Rookwood and Harlow.

During our conversation with Natty, we picked the first dialogue option, “Perhaps your mother is right.”, but she insists that it would not be best for her to hide.

Hogwarts Legacy Mom's The Word Dialogue Option

Instead, she compares her situation to yours, where you did not flee when you discovered Rookwood, Harlow, and Ranrok were after you.

She believes she must take action, even if it means going against her mother’s wishes.

The conversation ends with Natty thanking you for being there during the awkward conversation with her mother, highlighting the tension between her desire for independence and her mother’s concern for her safety.

And that’s how you finish the Mom’s The Word Relationship Quest in the immersive, open-world action RPG developed by Avalanche Software.

The next relationship quest as part of Natty’s questline is A Basis For Blackmail.

If you need additional help finding collectibles or completing quests, make sure to check our Hogwarts Legacy Wiki Hub here for more helpful guides.

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