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February 21, 2023

The Centaur And The Stone is the fifth Hogwarts Legacy relationship quest as part of Poppy Sweeting’s questline, in which you will find the moonstone mentioned by the centaur, Dorran, during the Surprise Meeting. But before you get to the moonstone, you’ll have to go through the Moonstone Garden, a cave near the Irondale, which features several puzzles with magical moths.

Finishing this quest will gain you only 180XP, but it will get you closer to saving the Snidgets. To unlock The Centaur And The Stone Relationship Quest, it is necessary to complete Poppy Sweeting’s previous quests until you finish Surprise Meeting covered here.

Also, you’ll have to progress the story until you’ve completed In The Shadow Of The Mountain Main Quest with Sebastian. Then, Poppy will send you an owl telling you she wants to meet near Irondale at a cave south of Hogwarts Castle. We’ve also marked her location on the map below. Use the flying broom or one of the nearby Floo Flames to get there quickly.

Hogwarts Legacy The Centaur And The Stone Quest Starting Location

Speak with Poppy to begin The Centaur And The Stone Quest in Hogwarts Legacy. After studying in the library about what Dorran told you during the Surprise Meeting Quest, Poppy thinks this mysterious cave near Irondale might be the one containing the moonstone.

The Centaur And The Stone Poppy Dialogue

Once you’ve finished the conversation with Poppy, enter the Moonstone Garden Cave.

Where To Find the Moonstone in the Centaur and the Stone

To find the moonstone, you’ll have to go through the Moonstone Garden and solve a few puzzles. In the first room of the cave, you can pull one of the drawers by casting Accio and reveal a chest containing a few Galleons. To progress further, you’ll have to destroy the broken stone door to the south. You’ll have to cast Depulso, Bombarda, or other destructive spells.

Use Bombarda on the broken stone door.

You will eventually reach a larger, overgrown area where you encounter a Cottongrass Dugbog. Once you’ve defeated him, you’ll see a Legendary Chest above you. Below the chest is a platform, which you’ll have to lift using a hidden mechanism.

The Centaur And The Stone Legendary Chest

Destroy the stone barricade to the west to reveal the moth spinner controlling the platform but without a moth. Return to the room and burn the green vines on the northern part by casting Incendio or Confringo to find the moth inside an alcove. You can check the image below for the exact location.

The Centaur And The Stone Moth

Pick up the moth with Lumos and place it on the spinner. Cast Depulso on the moth spinner enough times, then cast Arresto Momentum to slow down the platform from lowering. Return to the previous room, climb the platform, and open the Legendary Chest at the top.

Hogwarts Legacy Legendary Chest

To continue further, open the broken metal door by casting the spell Depulso. After a short cutscene with two Fwoopers, open the small chest on the right. Cross the fallen pillar until you reach a chamber with more drawers. You can open up these drawers to find a few more Galleons before going to the left and climbing the stairs.

Where To Find the Moths in the Hogwarts Legacy Moonstone Garden

You’ll encounter the first puzzle in this section of the Moonstone Garden. There are several rune carvings and handles along the walls before the barred gate, with two moth spinners on either side. The two moths necessary to power up the spinners are hidden behind walls with two rune carvings, and you’ll have to pull the correct symbols to reveal them.

There is also one of the Moonstone Garden Collection Chests behind one of the rune-carved walls. Let’s see where to find the moths.

Moth #1 Puzzle Solution

The first moth can be found behind the wall on the left side with a circle with spirals and target symbols. To reveal the moth behind the wall, you must pull the handles above the same symbols with Accio. Both handles are on the left side.

Pull the handle above the circle with the spiral symbol, then pull the target symbol to reveal the first moth. Pick up the moth with Lumos and place it on one of the moth spinners.

The Centaur And The Stone First Moth Puzzle Solution

Moth #2 Puzzle Solution

The second moth can be found behind the wall with the trinity and circle with spirals symbol. Pull the handle above the trinity symbol to the right of the wall, then turn to the left side and pull the circle with spirals, the first drawer on the left, to reveal the second moth. Cast Lumos to pick up the moth and place it on the other moth spinner.

The Centaur And The Stone Second Moth Puzzle Solution

Now, keep casting Depulso on both moth spinners until you open the barred gate.

How To Unlock the Moth Door

In the next area, you’ll see two more moth spinners and a door you can’t reach by jumping across the gap.

Hogwarts Legacy The Centaur And The Stone Puzzle Door

Move the moths from the previous two spinners you used to open the gate and place them into the new ones with Lumos. After placing both moths, spin the first moth spinner on the left by casting Depulso and create enough momentum until you raise a bridge and lower the wings.

Pick up the moth from the spinner with Lumos and place it on the door at the top of the stairs. You’ll need three moths to unlock the door. Go down the stairs, and at the bottom, cast Depulso on the other moth spinner a couple of times to lift a pillar hidden in the water below the bridge with the moth. Quickly pick up the moth with Lumos before it goes back down and place it on the door.

The Centaur And The Stone Puzzle Moth

After you place the second moth on the door, cross the bridge, grab the last moth with Lumos, and bring it to the door to unlock it. In the next room, you will encounter two Great Spined Dugbogs. On the left (south), you can break some rocks by casting destructive spells to reveal a small chest.

Swim across the water to open the chest, then interact with the whirlpool to your right to dive in. Swim along the path until you reach an open garden. Follow the linear path and destroy the weeds along the way with Confringo or Incendio to find and get the moonstone.

Cast Incendio on the brambles.

After you collect the Scholars’ Moonstone from the tree, talk to Poppy and select I’m ready to leave now. dialogue option. Finish the conversation with her and place the moonstone inside the hedge.

Place the Scholars' Moonstone.

Once you witness the Mooncalf dance, collect the moonstone from the hedge and speak with Poppy to return to Hogwarts Castle, which will conclude The Centaur And The Stone quest. Poppy Sweeting’s next relationship quest is It’s In The Stars.

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