Hogwarts Legacy Professor Ronen’s Assignment Flying Page Locations

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February 8, 2023

Professor Ronen’s Assignment is the first Assignment you’ll get in Hogwarts Legacy, the video game developed by Avalanche Software, and it allows you to unlock the Reparo Spell you’ll need before traveling to Hogmseade. Professor Ronen’s Assignment in Hogwarts Legacy is a very short quest that will also help you collect two additional Field Guide Pages, which, as you may remember, count as collectibles.

Since the Assignment unlocks a spell you’ll need in Hogsmeade, you must focus on finishing it before the Welcome to Hogsmeade main quest.

Where To Find Professor Ronen

To be able to start Professor Ronen’s Assignment in Hogwarts Legacy, you’ll have to talk to Professor Ronen, who is located in the Transfiguration Courtyard; however, he will spawn there only after you complete the Weasley After Class main quest. Once you finish the quest, you’ll be in the Transfiguration Classroom, so you’ll have to head outside.

The courtyard outside the Transfiguration Classroom is known as the Transfiguration Courtyard, and Ronen will be waiting for you by the dragon fountain pictured below.

Hogwarts Legacy Professor Ronen's Assignment Walkthrough

After talking to Ronen, you’ll learn that he will teach you how to cast Reparo, a helpful spell that fixes broken objects. However, this time, he wants you to complete a preliminary task before accessing this new Spell. The task, in this case, involves two Flying Pages that you’ll have to find. One is near a broken statue, and the other is in the Defence Against The Dark Arts Tower.

Where To Find the Flying Page Near the Broken Statue

The Broken Statue Flying Page, you’ll have to find, is very close to Profefesor’s Ronen current location. So after you talk to him, turn around and see the Flying Page levitating in the covered area.

Hogwarts Legacy Professor Ronen's Assignment Broken Statue Flying Page

There is also a broken statue nearby, but we’ll discuss it later. For now, approach the first Flying Page and cast Accio by pressing R2/RT + Square/X. Great job! Now that you have the first Flying Page, let’s see where to find the second one.

Where To Find the Defence Against the Dark Arts Tower Flying Page

The Defence Against The Dark Arts Tower Flying Page in Hogwarts Legacy is also close to your current location. While facing Ronen, turn left and head toward the southern door pictured below.

Hogwarts Legacy Professor Ronen's Assignment Guide

When you step inside the building, look up, and you’ll see the second Flying Page, levitating above the stairs. Again, you’ll have to use Accio to get it.

Hogwarts Legacy Professor Ronen's Assignment Defence Against The Dark Arts Tower Flying Page

Now that you found both pages exit the Defence Against The Dark Arts Tower through the door on the lower floor and return to Ronen. Talk to him, and you’ll have to complete another mini-game to unlock the Spell named Reparo. As usual, you’ll need to move the Left Thumbstick and steer the blue wand towards the end of the pattern, moving as fast as possible while pressing the buttons on the screen when your wand is above them.

Hogwarts Legacy Reparo Spell Unlock Guide

Great job! You have unlocked one of the 34 Hogwarts Legacy Spells, but you can complete one more optional task. It won’t change the rewards you’ll receive, but it’s worth keeping Hogwarts clean.

How To Repair the Broken Statue (Optional Objective)

After finishing Professor Ronen’s Assignment quest, you’ll hear him tell you you can practice the Reparo spell on the broken statue nearby. If you want to repair it, head to where you found the first Flying Page, and on the ground, you’ll see some rubble (pictured below).

Hogwarts Legacy Professor Ronen's Assignment Broken Statue

To repair it, press R2/RT + X/A. Again, this is an optional objective you can complete and won’t change anything in the story. Finally, it is worth mentioning that the two Flying Pages you collected are Field Guide Pages, so they count as collectibles. Make sure you collect your rewards in the Challenges tab. Now that you have finished your first Assignment in Hogwarts Legacy, it’s time to discover Hogsmeade and complete Welcome to Hogsmeade.

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