Hogwarts Legacy Flying Off The Shelves Cressida’s Book Locations

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February 8, 2023

Flying Off The Shelves is a Hogwarts Legacy fetch side quest where you must recover a few flying books for Cressida Blume. While creating her own charm to carry her library books around, she got into a lofty problem requiring your help. Since Madam Scribner won’t let her back into the library to collect the books and remove the charm, you’ll have to step in.

Flying Off The Shelves Side Quest becomes available after completing Defence Against the Dark Arts Class and Charms Class.

Once you complete these two, open the Map, select The Library Annex black flag, choose the side quest, and press (X)/(A) to track it. Follow the route on the minimap, which will get you to quest giver Cressida Blume in Central Hall. Talk to her to begin the Flying Off The Shelves Side Quest.

Hogwarts Legacy Flying Off The Shelves Side Quest Starting Location

Where To Find Cressida’s Flying Books

After talking to her, go to the left, down the stairs, and enter through the first red door on the right leading to the library. Once in the library, you’ll have to find and collect five flying books.

Three of the flying books can be found on the ground floor. One is flying in circles in the middle of the library, and the other two between the shelves. To collect the flying books, point your camera at them and use the spell Accio you’ve learned during Charms Class.

Flying Off The Shelves Books

To find them faster, press DPad Left on your controller to use Revelio and highlight the flying books. The remaining two flying books are on the first floor between the shelves on each side of the library. Use the spiral staircases to get to the first floor.

Flying Book Location

After you collect all five flying books, return to Cressida Blume to complete Flying Off The Shelves and receive a Wand Handle, Gold, and 180 XP.

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