Hogwarts Legacy Minding Your Own Business Puzzles Solutions

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February 17, 2023

Minding Your Own Business is a Hogwarts Legacy PlayStation Exclusive Side Quest that allows you to open your shop in the only all-wizarding village called Hogsmeade. As mentioned above, the Minding Your Own Business Side Quest is exclusive to players playing Hogwarts Legacy on PS4 and PS5. Those on other platforms, however, will be able to complete it beginning February 10, 2024.

But before obtaining your own shop, you’ll have to go through several challenges and puzzles during the side quest. The most important requirement to unlock the Minding Your Own Business is to play Hogwarts Legacy on a PlayStation 4 or 5.

Then, you’ll have to progress the main story until you’ve finished Fire and Vice Main Quest, where you destroy the Poacher’s ring fight and release a dragon. Also, it is necessary to reach at least Level 25. After you meet all the conditions mentioned above, speak with the house-elf outside the vacant shop with barricaded doors and windows in Hogsmeade to begin the side quest.

Hogwarts Legacy Minding Your Own Business Quest Starting Location

How To Complete Minding Your Own Business in Hogwarts Legacy

After you speak with Penny, the house-elf, she will ask you to visit Cassandra Mason, her mistress and the owner of the vacant shop, if you want to purchase the shop. Follow the quest marker leading to Cassandra Mason northeast of the Hogsmeade and talk to her about the shop.

Collect 1,500 Gold to Purchase the Shop From Cassandra Mason

Once you talk to Cassandra Mason, she will agree to sell the shop and the house elf to you for only 1,500 Galleons, which seems more than a fair price. Speak with her again after you have the 1,500 Galleons to sign the paperwork and prepare your new shop.

But before you go to your shop, she will ask you if you can retrieve some of his dead husband’s personal items, which can be found in a chest at the back of the shop. You’ll find the key to the chest at Penny.

Cassandra Mason Dialogue

How To Clean Up and Make Repairs

Return to Penny outside of the vacant shop and let her know that you are the owner of the shop. She will let you know that the shop is a bit of a mess because the last tenant left in a rush and needs a clean-up and some repairs. Enter the shop and cast the spell Reparo to fix all the clutter around the shop.

Minding Your Own Business Clean Up And Make Repairs

After you fix the shop, Penny will give you the key to the mysterious chest at the back of the shop.

Note: Before opening the mysterious chest, ensure to equip your best gear and stock up on healing potions because you won’t be able to leave the next area until you finish the side quest.

How To Open the Mysterious Chest

Go through the red door in the shop and open the mysterious chest to trigger a cutscene. During the cutscene, a ladder will appear in the chest, leading to an underground area.

Minding Your Own Business Mysterious Chest

After you go down the ladder, it will disappear, giving you no option but to explore the dungeon.

How To Explore What Lies Below

In the following section, you’ll go through a maze full of shifting and changing rooms, with jumpscares and much more. Although the path is generally straightforward, the frequent movement makes it difficult to follow. Follow the linear path ahead until you reach a room filled with mannequins and a small chest containing An Elf-Sized Hat.

Search the chest in this image.

When you try to leave the room, the door will shut, and after a couple of seconds, you’ll end up in a dark room with mannequins hanging from the ceiling. Equip and cast Lumos to light up the dark places and find the path.

Go through the door that appears out of nowhere, through a hallway with more doors, and enter another room with mannequins. In the northwest corner of the room, approach the scary jack-in-the-box puppet.

Interact with the jack-in-the-box puppet.

You’ll end up in a cell with skulls and bones. Approach the jack-in-the-box puppet again to return to the previous room. Leave the room and head down the stairs until you reach the locked door marked in the image below.

Go through the double doors.

To open this door, you must carry a lamp using the spells Accio and Wingardium Leviosa learned during Professor Garlick’s Assignment 1 on the pedestal on the right. The lamp can be found to the right of the locked door floating in front of a painting. Grab it and place it in the hand of the pedestal to unlock the door and progress further.

Minding Your Own Business Puzzle Solution

Several future doors can be unlocked similarly, but finding the lamps will be more challenging. We will cover all of them when we get there. Go through the door and follow the long hallway to meet the person behind the voice you’ve heard, a mischievous poltergeist named Fastidio. He will challenge you to play his game if you want to find the exit.

Minding Your Own Business Fastidio

After he leaves, he will throw at you a couple of furniture pieces, which you can dodge by pressing (O)/(B) or destroy them using Basic Cast attacks. On either side of the foyer, you’ll see two opened doors with a quest marker, and you’ll have to explore both of them to leave this nightmare. In this guide, we will go first to the door on the left, which leads into the library.

How To Explore the Library

The library is a maze full of twists and turns, which will give you a headache, but we will try to make the experience less irritating. Along the way, make sure to listen to Fastidio, who will provide useful clues and cast Lumos to navigate the dark corridors and rooms much easier.

After you enter the library, go down the stairs on the west part into a dining room and follow the hallway to a wooden door. You’ll get teleported to a dark room with furniture pieces, mannequins, and three doors to go through.

Three wooden doors puzzle.

Go through the first door and try to climb the ladder at the end of the path. You’ll fall through the floor and return to the room with only two doors. Enter the first room again, and you’ll go through a long and circular corridor where pieces of furniture fly at you. When Fastidio suggests retracing your steps, turn around and follow the path back.

Fastidio Clue

You’ll eventually reach a dead-end. Turn around, and you’ll see another dead-end. Confusing, I know. When four walls surround you, turn off the light, and you’ll get teleported back to a darker version of the room surrounded by mannequins with only one door left to go through.

Scary mannequins in the dark.

After you go through the door, you’ll reach a room with the jack-in-the-box sitting on a metal table. Hold the interaction button to pop up the puppet and get teleported into another area with more mannequins. Some of the mannequins will turn hostile and will attack you.

Defeat the mannequins.

Defeat all the mannequins you see on the minimap to get teleported back to the library and receive the first lantern. Pick up the lantern off the table with Wingardium Leviosa and place it on the pedestal near the door with the quest marker.

Use Wingardium Leviosa to lift the latern.

Now, cross the bridge on the eastern side of the library, where the room will start flipping around. After you reach a balcony of a room upside down, turn around and go down the stairs to enter that room. Climb the stairs on the left to reach a locked wooden door. Turn your camera west to find a lantern on the other side of the room.

Lantern Location

Cast Accio to pull the lantern to you and open the wooden door. Go through the door while holding the lantern with Wingardium Leviosa and place it on the pedestal.

Doing so will make the room turn around and reveal another hidden path on the left. Climb the crate, go through the gap, jump below, and head up the stairs on the eastern side of the room. Grab the lantern in this room and place it on the pedestal near the barricaded window, making the room turn around again.

Minding Your Own Business Lantern Location

Go through the doorway, turn around, and cast Accio on the lantern to pull it through the window, making the room turn again. Go down the stairs with the lantern and place it on the hand pedestal to open the door ahead.

Pedestal Location

Behind the door, you’ll find the second lantern required to open the door in the library. Get the lantern off the table and place it on the pedestal next to the door with the quest marker.

How To Entertain Fastidio

In the next room, you’ll encounter Fastidio, who will charge you several times. Then, he will try to drop barrels and crates in a straight line. Your only option here is to dodge his attacks by pressing (O)/(B).

Entertain Fastidio

The encounter won’t last long, and you can leave the room through the same door and return to the foyer.

Exploring the Atrium

From the foyer, follow the quest marker to enter the Atrium. To open the locked door ahead, you’ll have to find two lanterns and place them onto the pedestal, as you did in the library. While facing the locked door, follow the path on the left (west) to enter a corridor. Watch out for the flying couch.

Eventually, you’ll see a blocked doorway with wooden planks. Destroy them with a Basic Cast attack and go through the door to reach floating platforms and two buildings with many doors. While looking west, grab the floating lantern with Accio and place it on the hand pedestal next to you. Doing so will create a path and open the door to the north.

Hogwarts Legacy Minding Your Own Business Lantern Location

Head through the door, jump onto the next platform and destroy the floating objects with Basic Cast attacks to stop them from hitting you. Then, break the wooden planks blocking the door to reach the second floating platform. Break the wooden planks on the door of the other building to reveal a lantern. Grab the lantern with Accio and place it on the nearby hand pedestal.

Hidden Lantern Location

Return to the previous area and follow the path west to reach the third platform. Keep an eye out for floating objects. On the third platform, turn your camera east and grab the lantern with Accio from the second platform to place it on the nearby pedestal.

Grab the previous lantern.

Go through the door ahead and defeat the mannequins in the next room. Follow the path while the rooms change a couple of times until you reach the first lantern required to unlock the door in the Atrium. Grab the lantern off the table and place it on one of the hand pedestals near the door.

Hand Pedestal Location

Now, follow the path east. In this room, grab the lantern floating above a chasm and place it on the pedestal, as usual. Head through the door and follow the path until you reach an area with a chessboard and chess pieces.

Some squares on the chessboard are cracked, and you’ll be sent back to try again when you step on them. You can highlight the cracked squares with red by casting Revelio. You can find the exact path to follow and reach the other side in the image below.

Minding Your Own Business Chess Board Puzzle Solution

Follow the corridor until you reach another room with a pedestal. In the far back of the room, turn your camera to the left (south) to find the lantern from the very first room. Grab the lantern and place it on the pedestal to create a path over the chasm.

You’ll find the second lantern floating above the table in the next room. Take the lantern and place it on the other hand pedestal near the Atrium door to unlock it.

How To Play With the Poltergeist

In the next area, you’ll have to play with the poltergeist, similar to the previous encounter. Destroy the floating objects he tries to hit you with, then defeat the mannequins he spawns to stop the encounter.

Play With Fastidio, the poltergeist

Return to the foyer and venture behind the doors, where Fastidio will offer you a deal. If you pass his challenge and agree to give him access to the shop once a month, he will sign a contract where you’ll get your shop back without him disturbing your customers anymore.

Challenging Fastidio

At the start of the challenge, Fastidio will throw objects at you that you can dodge by pressing (O)/(B). Then, he will create Fastidio’s Monster out of rubbish and keep summoning mannequins to attack you.

Fastidio’s Monster has the attack moves of the trolls you’ve encountered throughout the game. Also, it is worth mentioning that after you deplete two-thirds of Fastidio’s Monster health bar, he will flip your screen upside down, which can be disorienting.

Fastidio's Monster

Once you defeat Fastidio’s Monster, he will be impressed with your performance and agree to your new terms of causing chaos in the shop after nine o’clock in the evening twice a month. Follow the quest marker to return to the shop and speak to Penny. You can pick whatever dialogue options you want.

Then, seek out Officer Singer by following the quest marker and tell her what Cassandra Mason has been doing with the shop until now.

How To Confront Cassandra Mason

Now, follow the quest marker leading to Cassandra Mason’s house to confront her. After a short cutscene with Cassandra Mason attacking Officer Singer, you’ll have to fight her. Cassandra’s health bar is split into three unequal bars, marking her phases.

During the first phase, she will attack you with spells like any other wizard you’ve encountered. Just unleash your combos to deplete her first health bar quickly. We would suggest using a combination of Force and Control Spells to keep her in the air as much as possible. In the second phase, she will be protected by a white shield, and she will keep throwing pumpkins and rocks at you.

Cassandra Mason Confrontation

You’ll have to dodge the two pumpkins and time your Protego Spell to block the rock/boulder, then immediately throw it back at her by pressing (R1)/(RT) to break the shield. Another way to break the white shield is to cast the spell Crucio learned during In The Shadow Of The Study Relationship Quest.

Cassandra Mason Confrontation White Shield

Once you break the shield, you can unleash your attacks to deplete her second health bar. Use the suggested spell combination mentioned above for the best performance. In the final phase, Cassandra will cast a mix of spells while teleporting. The white shield will also protect her.

As in the previous phase, you’ll have to throw a boulder at her to break the shield or use the spell Crucio, which is the better alternative out of the two. Casting Crucio will save you the time of dodging her spells and timing the Protego spell to throw the rock/boulder at her to break the shield.

Cassandra Mason Final Blow

Also, after a while, she will restore her white shield, so you’ll have to do it over again. After you deplete her health bar, she will be restrained by Officer Singer and taken into custody.

Returning to the Shop

Return to the shop and speak with Penny about Cassandra Mason’s arrest. Also, even if you free Penny, she still wants to run the shop with you. Then, Penny will ask you to choose a sign for your new shop, and she will take care of the rest, which will also complete the Minding Your Own Business Quest in Hogwarts Legacy.

Name choices to open the shop

Quest Rewards

After completing the one-hour-long Minding Your Own Business Side Quest in Hogwarts Legacy, you can use the shop to sell your unwanted gear at improved prices. You will also be awarded the following pieces of gear appearance:

  • Shopkeeper’s Coat
  • Shopkeeper’s Top Hat
  • Shopkeeper’s Attire
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