Hogwarts Legacy It’s In The Stars Quest Walkthrough

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February 22, 2023

It’s In The Stars is the sixth Hogwarts Legacy relationship quest as part of Poppy Sweeting’s questline, in which you’ll meet with Poppy and Dorran in the Forbidden Forest. During the It’s In The Stars Quest, you’ll have a brief conversation with Dorran about the recent events involving the moonstone and poachers, but also about where to find the Snidgets and save them.

To unlock It’s In The Stars Relation Quest, you’ll have to progress the main story until you finish the fourth trial during San Bakar’s Trial Main Quest. It is also necessary to advance Poppy’s questline until you’ve completed The Centaur And The Stone, where you retrieve the moonstone from the cave.

Then, Poppy will send you a message through the Owl Post to meet with her and Dorran in the Forbidden Forest.

Hogwarts Legacy It's In The Stars Quest Starting Location

Fast-travel to one of the nearby Floo Flames and go to the marked location to meet with them and begin the It’s In The Stars Relationship Quest.

How To Complete It’s in the Stars in Hogwarts Legacy

When you reach the marked location, you’ll find the centaur, Dorran, speaking with Poppy Sweeting about recent events involving the poaching of Snidgets.

It's In The Stars Dorran And Poppy

Speak with Dorran and ask him if Poppy has filled him in on everything that has happened. Dorran confirms that she has and expresses relief that they both returned safely. He reveals that he questioned the wisdom of sending them on a path when it was unknown at best and deadly at worst.

Also, he believes that the acumen of centaurs is neither personal nor partial and that they can predict events based on the signs they observe in the skies. When you ask Dorran if he knew the poachers would try to kill them, Dorran admits that he did not know but was not surprised when it happened.

He then agrees to start from the beginning and tells you about a series of events he divined many moons ago. Dorran saw the arrival of a stranger, the threat of an enemy, and the return of an old friend. Now, he believes that the strangers are you and Poppy, the poachers are the enemy, and the old friends are the Snidgets.

Dorran Cinematic Dialogue

Dorran explains that he believes the symbol created by the Mooncalves’ dance marks where the Snidgets are hidden, and he knows the exact location. He warns you that the Snidgets may no longer be safe and that you should make haste to the rock face in the cliffs of the forest.

If you ask Dorran how he is sure that the symbol is where the Snidgets are, Dorran explains that he has read it in the stars. He believes that fortunes play out as intended and that he is merely a messenger.

Dorran adds that they cannot afford to lose the Snidgets again and urges you to go to the location he has seen in his divination. And that’s everything you need to know about It’s In The Stars Quest in Hogwarts Legacy. Poppy’s next relationship quest is A Bird In The Hand.

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