Hogwarts Legacy In The Shadow Of Discovery Quest Walkthrough

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February 13, 2023

Hogwarts Legacy In The Shadow Of Discovery is the third relationship quest as part of Sebastian Sallow’s questline, in which you’ll have a conversation with him and Ominis. During this quest, Sebastian will share his discoveries about Salazar Slytherin’s spellbook found in the scriptorium, while Ominis will share his concerns.

Even though the quest is short and requires picking a couple of dialogues, it is mandatory to complete if you want to unlock the remaining two Unforgivable Curses. To unlock In The Shadow Of Discovery Relationship Quest, you must complete the In The Shadow Of The Study Quest and progress the story until you’ve finished Charles Rookwood’s Trial Story Quest.

Then, Sebastian will ask you through the Owl Post to visit him in the Undercroft to show you what he found in Salazar Slytherin’s spellbook. The Undercroft is the same place where you’ve learned the spell Confringo from Sebastian during In The Shadow Of The Undercroft Main Quest.

Hogwarts Legacy In The Shadow Of Discovery Starting Location

How To Complete in the Shadow of Discovery Quest

Head into the Undercroft and speak with Sebastian. Sebastian will share with you his discoveries from Salazar Slytherin’s spellbook about a lost relic that has the power to reverse Dark Magic curses. He believes this relic can help save Anne and plans to search for it. You must agree to keep your plans secret, especially from Ominis Gaunt, whom Sebastian fears will not understand.

In The Shadow Of Discovery Dialogue Options

However, the secret will be exposed when Ominis overhears the conversation and confronts Sebastian. Despite Ominis’s objections, Sebastian is determined to continue his search for the relic and find a cure for Anne. Ominis, however, is not willing to let this matter go.

Talk to Ominis after he finishes with Sebastian. Ominis will express concern about Sebastian’s search for the lost relic mentioned in Salazar Slytherin’s spellbook, as he believes it to be dangerous and reckless.

If you pick the option to learn what happened to Sebastian’s parents, Ominis will describe the tragic deaths of Sebastian’s parents, who were professors and died in a library due to a toxic gas.

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He will also tell you how Sebastian and his sister Anne were helpless to save them as they had not yet developed their magic. At the end of the conversation, he pleads with you to avoid the spellbook and to let him know if Sebastian continues pursuing the relic, which will complete the In The Shadow Of Discovery Quest. The next quest in Sebastian Sallow’s questline is In the Shadow of Time, where you’ll unlock the spell Imperio.

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