Hogwarts Legacy Spell Combination Practice 2 Training Guide

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February 8, 2023

Spell Combination Practice 2 is another training quest where you will learn to create spell combinations to keep the enemies even longer in the air. Even though this side quest isn’t mandatory like Spell Combination Practice 1, it is an excellent opportunity to learn new combinations using more spells.

Hogwarts Legacy Spell Combination 2 becomes available after you complete the Tomes and Tribulations Quest by bringing the book you’ve found in the Restricted Section to Professor Fig.

Afterward, find Lucan Brattleby in his usual spot in The South Wing part of Hogwarts Castle, near the Clock Tower Courtyard Floo Flame. When you talk to him, select the first prompt message to begin the Quest.

Hogwarts Legacy Spell Combination Practice 2 Lucan Brattleby

How To Complete Spell Combinations in Hogwarts Legacy

To complete the Quest, you will go through three rounds of spell combinations using the following spells:

The first spell combination is relatively easy. You must cast Accio, Incendio, and Levioso in this order. Make sure to have all of them equipped.

First Spell Combination Practice

For the second spell combination, you’ll have to start by casting Levioso, followed by three consecutive Basic Cast attacks by pressing (R2)/(RT), then cast Accio, and end it with Incedio.

While performing this combo, don’t let the training dummy hit the ground.

Second Spell Combination Practice

The final spell combination is tricky and might require a couple of tries until you successfully perform it. To complete the final spell combination, cast your spells in the following order: Accio, (R2), Incendio, (R2), (R2), (R2), Levioso, (R2), (R2), (R2), Accio, Incendio, (R2), (R2), (R2), (R2). Swap (R2) with (RT) if using an Xbox Controller.

Don’t rush your Basic Cast attacks (R2)/(RT) because Incendio has a longer cooldown, and you might be unable to cast it in time for the second time.

Third Spell Combination Practice

Also, if you have trouble performing this spell combination, you can skip this sequence if you change the game’s difficulty in the settings to Story Mode Difficulty and fail this stage three times in a row.

It is less likely you will ever perform this spell combination in your adventures, but knowing that you can do such things is helpful.

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