Hogwarts Legacy Overlook Mine Collection Chest Locations Guide

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February 19, 2023

The two Overlook Mine Collection Chests in Hogwarts Legacy are part of the 8 Collection Chests available in the Hogsmeade Valley region. The two treasure chests will get you two decoration items for the Room of Requirement in Hogwarts Castle and are mandatory if you want to achieve 100% completion in the Hogsmeade Valley region.

The problem is you might not be able to find the entrance to the Overlook Mine, and that is because you first have to start the In The Shadow Of The Mine main quest. It’s worth mentioning that the Overlook Mine Chests can be looted during the mentioned quest or after you finish it because you can return to the mine whenever you want.

Where To Find the Two Overlook Mine Collection Chests in Hogwarts Legacy

The entrance to the Overlook Mine is located in the northern part of the Hogsmeade Valley region, right at the border. The exact location is marked on the Hogwarts Legacy map below.

Hogwarts Legacy Overlook Mine Collection Chests Locations

Collection Chest #1: Between Two Wooden Barrels

For the first Overlook Mine Collection Chest in Hogwarts Legacy, you need to go forward once you enter the mine, and you’ll soon reach a gap. At the gap, take the left path, and after some jumping and climbing, you’ll slide down into a bigger area.

Go to the east side of this large area, and you’ll find a passage covered by spider webs. To continue, you must burn the spider webs using the Incendio spell learned during Professor Hecat’s Assignment 1. Proceed through the passage to spot the first Collection Chest between 2 wooden barrels, as shown in the following image.

Where To Find All Hogwarts Legacy Overlook Mine Collection Chests

Collection Chest #2: On Spider Webs

Upon obtaining the first chest, return to the larger area and head west, where you can see an entrance to another zone. The problem is that the entrance is relatively high, and you can’t reach it unless you use the Accio spell (learned while completing Charms Class main quest) on the crate to the right to reposition it so you can reach the opening.

Then, continue, slide down again, and climb up the ledge to the northeast to reach a broken bridge. You must repair the bridge using the Reparo spell you unlocked during Professor Garlick’s Assignment 1.

Cross the bridge, go through the passage to the southeast, and at the crossroad, you must take the path to the right. But first, you must cast Lumos because there is Devil’s Snare all over the place, and the weeds will damage you. Proceed slowly and crouch to go through the hole to the right to find the second collectible on the spider webs on the ground.

How To FInd Hogwarts Legacy Overlook Mine Collection Chests
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