Hogwarts Legacy The Lost Child: How To Follow Archie’s Trail

February 13, 2023

Hogwarts Legacy The Lost Child is the first relationship quest as part of Natty’s quest line, in which you’ll help her rescue Archie, a young boy who’s been captured by Theophilus Harlow’s lot.

In The Lost Child Quest, you’ll follow Archie’s trail until you find the Ashwinders’ charmed tent, which seems to be way bigger than expected.

Therefore, follow this in-depth guide to learn where to find Archie and bring him back to his mother to complete The Lost Child Relationship Quest in Hogwarts Legacy.

How To Start The Lost Child Relationship Quest In Hogwarts Legacy

To start The Lost Child Quest, you must progress the story until you’ve completed The High Keep Quest and reached at least Level 16 in Hogwarts Legacy.

Then, meet Natty in Lower Hogsfield, a hamlet south of Hogwarts Castle. You can either fast-travel to the Floo Flame or hop on the flying broom to get there quickly.

Hogwarts Legacy The Lost Child Relationship Quest Location

Where To Find Archie’s Hideout In The Lost Child Quest

After you finish the conversation with Natty, speak with Mrs. Bickle, who seems worried.

During the conversation with Mrs. Bickle, you’ll find out that Mr. Bickle might’ve been killed by Theophilus Harlow, who has been threatening her husband for weeks, and her son Archie is missing.

Once you’ve done talking with Mrs. Bickle, follow the quest marker through the woods to Archie’s hideout.

Hogwarts Legacy The Lost Child Archies Hideout

You will not find Archie here, but you can open a chest and collect a Field Guide Page if you cast Revelio in front of the hideout by pressing DPad Left.

To track down Archie, you’ll have to cast Revelio again and follow his trail marked by the orange footprints. If they disappear, keep casting Revelio.

Hogwarts Legacy The Lost Child Archie's Trail

At some point, you’ll encounter a pack of wolves.

Defeat the wolves, then interact with Archie’s satchel to progress The Lost Child Quest.

Hogwarts Legacy The Lost Child Archie's Satchel

Then, cast Revelio again to track Archie’s trail. Follow his trail until you reach a crossroad near a Floo Flame.

Hogwarts Legacy The Lost Child Trail

Follow the trail with multiple footprints until you reach the Ashwinders’ charmed tent.

Take out the enemies outside of the tent, then head inside.

Hogwarts Legacy The Lost Child Ashwinders Charmed Tent

Where To Find Archie Bickle

When you get inside, you’ll notice that the tent is way larger and with multiple floors.

To find Arche Bickle, go down the stairs ahead and follow the path east.

You’ll reach a room with several Ashwinders and an infamous foe named Catrin Haggarty.

Hogwarts Legacy The Lost Child Catrin Haggarty

Defeat all the enemies in the room, then go down the stairs on the northern side of the room to find Archie Bickle inside a locked wooden cage.

Press (▢) – PS / (X) – Xbox to interact with the lock and match the gears to unlock it.

Hogwarts Legacy The Lost Child Archie Bickle

After you unlock the cage, speak with Archie to start a short cutscene which will get you back near Mrs. Bickle in Lower Hogsfield.

Finally, speak with Mrs. Bickle about Theophilus Harlow to complete The Lost Child Quest in Hogwarts Legacy and receive 180 XP as a reward for your efforts.

However, more people are in need in the Wizarding World of Hogwarts Legacy, so feel free to check our Wiki Hub here for additional information.

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