Hogwarts Legacy The High Keep Main Gate Puzzle

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February 18, 2023

Hogwarts Legacy The High Keep main quest revolves around the Poachers at Falbarton Castle, which you’ll have to investigate alongside Natty or Natsai Onai before disrupting Theophilus Harlow’s business. The High Keep comes with an important reward you’ll most likely love—specifically, the Hippogriff Mount, which you can use instead of your flying broom.

Besides the Hippogriff Mount featured in the video game published by Warner Bros. Games, you’ll also receive 260 XP and progress the story. Last but not least, by finishing The High Keep quest in Hogwarts Legacy, you’ll unlock Natty’s first relationship quest named The Lost Child.

To be able to start the quest, first, you’ll have to receive a letter from Natty. This letter will arrive upon completing all three previous main quests (In the Shadow of the Estate, The Elf, The Nab-Sack, And The Loom, and Astronomy Class) as well as Professor Garlick’s Assignment 1.

Professor Garlick’s Assignment 1 is mandatory because it allows you to unlock the Wingardium Leviosa Spell, which you’ll use inside Falbarton Castle. Last but not least, your character must reach at least Level 17. After all these requirements have been met, pay close attention to the letters you receive via the Owl Post.

Hogwarts Legacy The High Keep Walkthrough

One of them will come from Natty, and it reads:

“Meet me near the ruins of Falbarton Castle. After dark. Do not tell anyone.”

Upon receiving the letter, track The High Keep quest in your Quests Tab, then open your map to find Falbarton Castle. As you can see on the map below, it is located northeast of Hogsmeade on your World Map.

Hogwarts Legacy The High Keep Guide

To get to the Castle, you can fast travel to the Falbarton Castle Floo Flame, or if you haven’t unlocked it yet, you’d have to use your flying broom. Regardless of how you decide to travel, once you arrive, make sure you fast forward the time by pressing the Right Thumbstick after you open your map.

As Natty outlines, you’ll have to meet her during the night. Great, so now, you’ll want to find the meeting spot in front of the main gate, near a cart.

Hogwarts Legacy The High Keep Quest Walkthrough

After meeting Natty, she’ll tell you that she followed Theophilus Harlow to the Hog’s Head and saw him reading a letter from Rookwood. The said letter is the proof Natty needs to reveal Harlow’s connection with Rookwood.

But as you can guess, the letter is in Falbarton Castle, so Natty needs your help retrieving it so she can show it to Officer Singer. When she asks if you want to help her, feel free to ask Natty all available questions, and she’ll tell you more about her reasons for going after Rookwood and Harlow. She’ll also tell you why she wants to take the letter to Singer.

How To Climb the Battlements

Now that you are ready to enter The High Keep, your objective changes, and you must climb the battlements. From your current location, head towards the Castle’s main gate; then, on the right side, you’ll spot an infiltration point.

Hogwarts Legacy The High Keep How To Climb The Battlements

This infiltration point is a pile of crates on the Castle’s southeastern wall. Get close and climb the boxes, then the wall. Upon reaching the upper wall, head left, and you’ll see a spinning device on the left side of a small gate.

Cast Depulso on the device to raise the gate, then cast Accio to pull out the crate behind the gate. Make sure that you also loot the Treasure Chest behind the box and the Galleons on the small crate on the left side. Now, you’ll want to carry the container to the tower on the right side of the upper wall.

Place it near the wall you can climb, then cast Levioso. This will make the crate float, and you’ll be able to climb on it and then climb the next wall.

Hogwarts Legacy The High Keep How To Climb The Battlements Puzzle

How To Enter the Gatehouse in the High Keep

To enter the Gatehouse in Hogwarts Legacy The High Keep, head left after reaching the upper tower. Here, you’ll have to solve another puzzle. What you want to do next is go around the large tower until you reach a dead end. You should see a bag you can loot. Once you collect the loot, turn around, and you’ll notice a small window. Through this window, you’ll want to cast Accio on the crate inside the Gatehouse.

Hogwarts Legacy The High Keep Enter Gatehouse Puzzle

After you pull the crate above, retrace your steps to the front of the Gatehouse and cast Revelio to spot some wooden planks you can destroy with Depulso. Follow the path behind the planks, and you’ll enter the Gatehouse.

How To Open the Main Gate

Once inside the Main Gate Room, cast Revelio, and you’ll find a note on the ground. Pick it up, then look up, and you’ll see a Treasure Chest close to the ceiling. To get it, you’ll need to use Accio on the box you pulled earlier, place it near the pile of luggage, and then cast Levioso. Climb on it, then climb the pile of bags, and you’ll get to the top floor.

Now, return to the ground floor because it’s time to open the Main Gate for Natty. While standing in front of the gate, you’ll see a spinning mechanism on the left side and a device on the gate you’ll need to pull. What you want to do next is to quickly cast Depulso on the spinning device several times in a row, then use Accio on the device on the gate to pull it down.

Hogwarts Legacy The High Keep Open The Main Gate Puzzle

Upon opening the main gate, Natty will catch up with you and unlock the next door. After you reach the next section, you’ll see Theophilus Harlow and his Poachers trying to restrain Highwing, the Hippogriff you have met during the Beasts Class. So, Natty recommends that you focus on saving Highwing while she tries to find Harlow’s letter.

How To Get to the Roof

Getting on the roof in The High Keep main quest is not easy because the next part of the Castle is full of Poachers. A good approach here is to use the Disillusionment Spell and remain hidden as much as possible. You can also engage the enemies if you want.

Regardless of how you play, once Natty leaves, climb the first wall on the right side of the large gate, then the next. As you move down the path ahead, you’ll notice a crate behind a barred gate. Cast Depulso on it before heading down the stairs on the right side. Basically, you’ll push the container to the floor below.

Hogwarts Legacy The High Keep How To Get To The Roof

Follow the stairs down, and you’ll see some broken stairs in the next area. Now, the crate you pushed earlier comes into play. So cast Accio on it, then place it near the broken stairs so you can climb on it.

Hogwarts Legacy The High Keep Falbarton Castle Puzzles

After you climb the next wall, you’ll see a Poacher Tracker. Deal with him first, then check the left side room for a Treasure Chest behind some barrels you can destroy. Also, loot all Galleons before following the stairs up.

In the next area, deal with the Poachers, then unlock the gate using the Alohomora Spell. Remember that you must slowly move the Left and Right Thumbsticks until both gears start rotating, as explained in The Caretaker’s Lunar Lament guide.

After unlocking the gate, first, search the room on the left side for a Bag you can loot, then climb the wall on the right side. In the next section, unlock the gate on the left side (requires Alohomora Level 2), then continue up the stairs and defeat the next group of Poachers.

When the area is clear, enter the next tower through the locked gate and head right to enter a room where you should see two Puffskeins and a Niffler. Use the Nab-Sack you unlocked while playing The Elf, The Nab-Sack, And The Loom to capture all three of them, then loot all Galleons inside. You can also read the Poacher’s Inventory List note inside this room before returning to the previous hallway.

As you progress up the stairs, loot the bag behind the crates, head right, and climb more stairs. Upon reaching the top of the next section, cast Revelio to see some Galleons in a small cell on the right side, as well as a wooden plank in the room nearby. Cast Depulso on the wooden plank, then cross the beam to find a hidden room.

Hogwarts Legacy The High Keep Treasure Chests Locations

Loot the chest inside the room, read the Panicked Poacher Note, cross the beam back to the main building, and follow the stairs to find Highwing. The moment you reach the top of the Castle, Natty will catch up with you, and you’ll be able to escape the Poachers using the two Hippogriffs.

The last objective of the Hogwarts Legacy High Keep quest is to follow Natty on Highwing. It will be a long ride, so stay close to Natty, and don’t fall behind. Flying on a Hippogriff is similar to flying on a broom, meaning you’ll use the same controls.

After landing, Natty will tell you that she retrieved the letter from Harlow and that Rookood is looking for a phoenix. The letter is enough to incriminate Harlow, but for now, Natty must return home. Immediately after finishing Hogwarts Legacy The High Keep quest, you’ll receive a letter from her, unlocking The Lost Child Relationship Quest, or the first quest in Natty’s questline.

Furthermore, you’ll unlock the Back on the Path main quest and multiple side quests, including The Plight Of The House Elf and Spot Removal. Make sure you focus on them, and if you need help, check our corresponding walkthroughs.

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