Hogwarts Legacy The Plight Of The House-Elf Tobbs Location Guide

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February 13, 2023

Hogwarts Legacy The Plight Of The House-Elf is one of the most heartbreaking side quests that you will find in the action role-playing game developed by Avalanche Software. In The Plight Of The House-Elf Side Quest, Deek will ask you to check on his fellow house-elf named Tobbs, who’s been looking for Leech Juice in a cave near Hogwarts.

The problem is that the cave is infested with spiders, and Tobbs’s master doesn’t let him leave the cave. To start The Plight Of The House-Elf Quest, you’ll have to advance the story until you’ve finished The High Keep Story Quest, where you rescue the Hippogriffs with Natty.

Then, go to your Room of Requirement and talk to Deek, who has something to ask you.

Hogwarts Legacy The Plight Of The House-Elf Quest Starting Location

He will tell you he’s worried about his friend, Tobbs, and asks you to check on him in the cave infested with spiders near Hogwarts. Also, during the conversation with Deek, the Room of Requirement will expand, creating another vivarium where you can rescue more beasts.

Where To Find the Cave

The cave mentioned by Deek is known as the Spinners Cavern and can be found north of the Hogsmeade in the Forbidden Forest. Use the nearby Floo Flames and the flying broom to get to the cavern quickly.

The Plight Of The House-Elf Cave Location

After you enter the cavern, use the spell Incendio learned during Professor Hecat’s Assignment 1 or the spell Confringo learned during In the Shadow of the Undercroft Main Quest to burn the spider webs. A few steps further, pick up the note off the table on the left. From this note, you’ll find out how awful Tobbs’s master was treating him.

Tobbs's Master Note

Follow the path up, jump over the gap, and deal with the spiders in the following area. Don’t forget to use Revelio often to reveal the small treasures around the cavern. Keep following the linear path while burning the spider webs, blocking the path, and dealing with the few spiders along the way.

Eventually, you will crouch through a tunnel and slide down a slope. Be prepared to face bigger and stronger spiders than you’ve seen before.

Defeat all the spiders.

In the same area, you’ll find another note on a bench from Tobbs to his master, showing how hardworking and caring he is for his master.

The Plight Of The House-Elf Tobbs Note

Going deeper into the cavern, you’ll encounter Acromantula, a powerful spider enemy. Immediately after the short cutscene, will appear more spider enemies but smaller ones.

Defeat the Acromantula.

Take the smaller spiders first, then focus on defeating Acromantula. Also, it is worth mentioning that Force and Control Spells do not work on her. Don’t forget to use the Ancient Magic Throw by pressing (R1)/(RB) and Ancient Magic by pressing (R1)+(L1)/(RB)+(LB).

After defeating all the spiders, climb the ledge to the west, burn the spider web, jump over the gap, and destroy the wooden planks by casting the spell Depulso learned during Professor Sharp’s Assignment 1.

Unfortunately, you arrived too late, and the big spider got to him. From his note, you will learn that he feels he’s the one to be blamed and punished, even in his last moments.

House-Elf Tobbs Location

Now, follow the path through the water, crouch through the tunnel, and break the wooden planks to reach the cave entrance. After you leave the cavern, open the map and fast-travel back to your Room of Requirement and tell Deek about his friend to complete The Plight Of The House-Elf Side Quest in Hogwarts Legacy.

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