Hogwarts Legacy Professor Garlick’s Assignment 1 Quest Walkthrough

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February 13, 2023

Hogwarts Legacy Professor Garlick’s Assignment 1 is the first of the two Assignments you’ll receive from your Herbology Teacher, and as you can guess, it involves some of the plants you get to use as Tools when fighting Ranrok’s lackeys.

Professor Garlick’s Assignment 1 in Hogwarts Legacy is focused on the Mandrake and the Venomous Tentacula plants, and to complete it, you’ll need to use these two specific Tools. The quest is similar to Professor Sharp’s Assignment 2 because you’ll have to find some mobs to test the Mandrake Root.

Fear not, though, because, throughout the following walkthrough, we’ll discuss how to get a Venomous Tentacula and a Mandrake and how to use them to complete both tasks for Professor Garlick. Professor Garlick’s Assignment 1 becomes available after you complete The Room of Requirement main quest.

Shortly after you claim your rewards for the quest, you’ll get a letter from Professor Garlick.

Hogwarts Legacy Professor Garlick’s Assignment 1 Walkthrough

Check the Owl Post in your Field Guide for the letter above, which reads:

“I would like to teach you Wingardium Leviosa. It can be used to levitate objects for a short time. Once you’ve completed a few prerequisite tasks, do see me after class.”

After receiving the letter, check your Quests Tab in the Field Guide, and you’ll see the tasks Garlick wants you to complete:

  • Acquire and use a Venomous Tentacula
  • Acquire and use a Mandrake on multiple enemies simultaneously

Good! Now, let’s see how to finish both objectives for Garlick’s first Assignment.

How To Acquire and Use a Venomous Tentacula

Even though you can grow your own Venomous Tentacula, it’s faster if you buy it, provided you know where to find it. Open your World Map, then navigate to Hogsmeade Map and look for the Dogweed and Deathcap Shop marked on the map below.

Hogwarts Legacy Professor Garlick’s Assignment 1 Guide

If you activated North Hogsmeade Floo Flame, use it to reach the Shop faster. If not, use the compass in your Field Guide. Inside the Shop, you’ll find Beatrice Green, willing to sell you a Venomous Tentacula for 600 Galleons.

Hogwarts Legacy Professor Garlick’s Assignment 1 Venomous Tentacula

If you don’t have enough Galleons to buy one, consider selling some of the Gear you no longer use. Now that you bought the Venomous Tentacula, it’s time to use it. Start by exiting the Shop. The Hogwarts Legacy Venomous Tentacula is a tool that must be used like the Chomping Cabbage introduced in the Herbology Class main quest.

Therefore, press and hold L1/LB to open the Tools Wheel, then select the Venomous Tentacula using the Right Thumbstick. Now, release L1/LB. While outside Dogweed and Deathcap Shop, press L1/LB once to throw a Venomous Tentacula on the ground, completing the first task.

Hogwarts Legacy Professor Garlick Assignment 1 Venomous Tentacula

Obviously, you can also grow your own Venomous Tentacula, but for this, you’ll first need to buy the Seeds for 1050 Galleons along with the Potting Table with a large pot.

The latter costs 1000 Galleons, and it is available at the Tomes and Scrolls Shop in southern Hogsmeade. The Potting Table must be placed in the Room of Requirement, and then you’ll need to wait until the Venomous Tentacula grows.

How To Acquire and Use a Mandrake on Multiple Enemies Simultaneously

Now that you know how to complete the first objective in Professor Garlick’s Assignment 1, let’s see how to acquire and use a Mandrake on multiple enemies simultaneously. The first step here is to obtain a Mandrake, and this plant is also sold by Beatrice Green above.

It costs 500 Galleons, and you can buy it right away. Next, you’ll want to equip it just like you did with the Venomous Tentacula. The only difference is that you must use the Mandrake on enemies. So, try finding a group of at least two enemies marked by red dots on your minimap. For the sake of this guide, we recommend fast traveling to the East Nort Hogwarts Region Floo Flame marked below.

Hogwarts Legacy Professor Garlick Assignment 1 Mandrake Location

Close to the Floo Flame, you’ll find a camp of Ashwinder Soldiers. Make sure you allow two of them to get close before pressing L1/LB to pull out the Mandrake Root, stunning the mobs.

Similar to the Venomous Tentacula, the Mandrake is a plant you can grow, but you’ll need the seeds from Beatrice Green. They cost 800 Galleons and grow in small pots like the one you already have in the Room of Requirement.

With both tasks completed, it’s time to return to Professor Garlick, so open your Field Guide Map, select the Library Annex, and then the Greenhouses Floo Flame. Talk to Professor Garlick, and she’ll teach you the Wingardium Leviosa spell after you complete the corresponding mini-game by guiding your blue wand following the pattern on the right side.

After you learn the Wingardium Leviosa, you can practice it on the dummy in Professor Garlick’s greenhouse, but make sure you equip it first by pressing Right on your DPad. Now that Hogwarts Legacy Professor Garlick’s Assignment 1 is complete, focus on completing The Map Chamber main quest, and you’ll be able to unlock Professor Garlick’s Assignment 2.

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