Hogwarts Legacy Forbidden Forest: Where To Find All Ancient Magic Hotspots

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February 23, 2023

Hogwarts Legacy Forbidden Forest Ancient Magic Hotspots are pools of magic scattered through the area with which you can interact to find the nearby Magic Runes, and when you are done, receive 100 XP.

Also, if you clear enough Ancient Magic Hotspots, you complete Challenges and increase the number of Ancient Magic Slots. Track your progress from the Exploration tab of the Challenges menu.

But it’s important to know that to go for these Ancient Magic Hotspots that also count as collectibles, you first have to complete the Percival Rackham’s Trial main quest.

When you are ready, you can clear the two Hogwarts Legacy Forbidden Forest Ancient Magic Hotspots, and if you are struggling, check the guide below.

Hogwarts Legacy Forbidden Forest Ancient Magic Hotspots Locations Map

Of course, to clear these pools of magic, you must first learn where to find them.

As such, go ahead and check the following Forbidden Forest map for the locations of the Ancient Magic Hotspots in this region.

Hogwarts Legacy Forbidden Forest Ancient Magic Hotspots Locations Map

Now let’s see how to clear each Forbidden Forest pool of magic.

Ancient Magic Hotspot #1: Near Some Frog Statues

The first Hogwarts Legacy Forbidden Forest Ancient Magic Hotspot can be found in some ruins southwest of the West Forbidden Forest Floo Flame, which is in the western part of the region, as you’ve probably guessed because of its name.

Once you reach the ruins, you’ll find the magic pool near four frog statues.

Hogwarts Legacy Forbidden Forest Ancient Magic Hotspots Locations

Interact with the Ancient Magic Hotspot to start looking for the three nearby Magic Runes.

One Magic Rune can be found if you interact with the first frog statue starting from the left side.

As you can see, the frog statue teleports you to another location, directly to the first Magic Rune.

Now return to the magic pool by interacting with the frog statue at your current location.

Then interact with the second frog statue and get teleported again.

Pick up the second Magic Rune by simply going through it, and then slide down the slope to make your way back to the magic pool one more time.

Interact with the third frog statue to get teleported to the top floor, where you must go west, and when you reach the edge, turn left to see the third Magic Rune.

Jump to the Rune and go through it to clear this Forbidden Forest Ancient Magic Hotspot.

Ancient Magic Hotspot #2: Next To A Mossy Tree

For the second magic pool, you have to go to the northeastern corner of the Forbidden Forest, relatively close to one of the Merlin Trials in this region.

To get there fast, you can fast travel to the North Ford Bog Entrance Floo Flame if you have it unlocked, of course.

Go to the ruins southwest of the mentioned Floo Flame to find the second Hogwarts Legacy Forbidden Forest Ancient Magic Hotspot next to a mossy tree.

How To Find Hogwarts Legacy Forbidden Forest Ancient Magic Hotspots

Now interact with the pool of magic, and let’s see where you can find the three Magic Runes.

To pick up the first Magic Rune, you need to destroy the cocoon northeast of the magic pool.

As you can see, the Magic Rune is right behind the cocoon.

For the second Magic Rune, you must jump the ledge to the north of the Magic Hotspot.

Then turn right and crouch to reach the Rune.

Return to the magic pool for the last Magic Rune and go through the archway to the northwest.

First, you’ll need to use Incendio to burn the weeb covering the archway. You unlock Incendio after completing Professor Hecat’s Assignment 1.

Next, you must reach the top of the wooden platform by climbing on the crates to the left.

The Magic Rune is next to a chest on the said platform, and after you go through it, you clear the Ancient Magic Hotspot.

Nicely done, friend! You’ve managed to clear both Hogwarts Legacy Forbidden Forest Ancient Magic Hotspots. But make sure you check our Wiki Hub here if you have problems with any quest, puzzle, or collectible in the video game published by Warner Bros Games.

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