Hogwarts Legacy The Locket’s Secret: How To Complete

by Vlad
February 9, 2023

Hogwarts Legacy The Locket’s Secret is the first quest of the second chapter in the video game developed by Avalanche Software, and it is also the shortest one you’ll have to complete while working on finding the Secret in the Restricted Section.

Like Weasley After Class, The Locket’s Secret in Hogwarts Legacy involves only a short conversation with Professor Fig, who wants to share his latest discovery with you.

The quest also involves a dialogue choice we’ll discuss in the following walkthrough, alongside the objectives you must complete.

Although there are no rewards to be earned for completing this short Hogwarts Legacy quest, it’s mandatory to talk to Professor Fig to progress the story.

How To Start The Locket’s Secret In Hogwarts Legacy

Locket’s SecreLocket’s quest in Hogwarts Legacy becomes available only after you return from Hogsmeade, which means you’ll have to complete the Welcome To Hogsmeade main quest first.

Furthermore, to be able to play this quest, you’ll have to read Professor Fig’s letter.

Fig’s letter will arrive shortly after you return to the Common Room, and you’ll be notified by a message on your screen.

When this happens, open the Field Guide, navigate to the Owl Post Tab, and check Professor Fig’s letter.

Hogwarts Legacy The Locket’s Secret Walkthrough

It reads:

Come and see me. I’ve discovered something in the locket we found at Gringotts.

Professor Fig

So, the good Professor wants to share his latest discovery with you. Let’s see how to find him.

Where To Find Professor Fig In The Locket’s Secret

Professor Fig is found in his Classroom in the Astronomy Wing. If you have already explored the Astronomy Wing and unlocked the Floo Flame, you can fast-travel to Professor Fig’s Classroom.

If you didn’t explore the room, select the undiscovered Professor Fig’s Classroom Floo Flame from your map.

Now, return to the game and press Up on your DPad to summon the golden whisps that will guide you to Fig’s Classroom.

The Professor will wait for you inside his study at the top of the stairs pictured below.

Hogwarts Legacy The Locket’s Secret Guide

If by any chance you arrive during the night, place yourself in front of the desk and press Square/X to wait for Fig.

When he arrives, talk to him to trigger a discussion regarding the latest events in Hogsmeade.

You can ask Fig what he thinks about the Gringotts Goblins and their allegiance to Ranrok. Even though he says that he believes they are not involved, you may remember one particular guard you met when traveling to Vault 12.

Now, tell Fig that Ranork and Rookwood want the locket, and he’ll tell you that he found an inscription on it.

After reading it, a strange map appeared; however, for Fig, the map shows only Hogwarts. That’s because Professor Fig can’t see Ancient Magic as you can.

Hence he called you to check if you could see something unusual on the map. Obviously, you can notice some traces of Ancient Magic surrounding a specific area on the map. And that area is the Restricted Section in the Library.

Unfortunately, Professor Fig won’t let you visit the Library just yet because it’s a dangerous place. As such, he’ll send you to Professor Hecat to practice and unlock a new Spell.

Professor Hecat’s Assignment 1 becomes available now, and it’s the next quest you’ll need to complete the moment you exit Fig’s office.

After finishing Hogwarts Legacy The Locket’s Secret main quest, consider visiting our Wiki Hub if you need help with all main and side quests as well as all collectibles locations.

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