Hogwarts Legacy South Sea Bog: How To Solve All Merlin Trials

March 8, 2023

Hogwarts Legacy South Sea Bog Merlin Trials are required if you want to achieve 100% completion in the small swampy region.

Solving the South Sea Bog Merlin Trials, along with the rest available in Hogwarts Legacy, will unlock you the Merlin’s Beard! Trophy/Achievement.

However, to start solving Merlin Trials, you must first complete the Trials Of Merlin main quest and get your hands on some Mallowsweet Leaves.

You can find Mallowsweet Leaves in the open world or even grow them yourself at a potting table in the Room of Requirement back in Hogwarts Castle.

For the latter option, you must first buy the Mallowsweet Seed Recipe from The Magic Neep in the Hogsmeade village.

It’s also worth mentioning that while solving Merlin Trials, you complete Challenges that can get you inventory size upgrades which can be claimed from the Exploration tab of the Challenges menu.

Now, in the following guide, we’ll be focusing on the 2 Hogwarts Legacy South Sea Bog Merlin Trials, so check it out if you get stuck.

Hogwarts Legacy South Sea Bog Merlin Trials Locations Map

First, look over the South Sea Bog map below because, on it, we’ve marked the locations of both Merlin Trials.

Hogwarts Legacy South Sea Bog Merlin Trials Locations Map

To continue, we’ll explain how to solve each Trial’s puzzle, starting with the northern one.

Merlin Trial #1: In The Middle Of Some Leafless Trees

South Sea Bog Merlin Trial #1 is found southeast of the South Sea Bog Floo Flame in the northern part of the region.

Once you reach the first location pinpointed on our map, you’ll see the Trial’s altar in the middle of some leafless trees.

Interact with the altar to start the Trial, for which you must bring three groups of green fireflies to three stones with green dots. The stones are really close to the altar.

For the first stone head southeast of the altar, and the closest group of fireflies is behind a fallen tree further to the southeast.

Hogwarts Legacy South Sea Bog Merlin Trials Locations

You have to get very close to the fireflies, then cast Lumos to make them follow you back to the stone.

The second stone is northeast of the altar, and another group of fireflies is under a big tree across the water further to the northeast.

Use Lumos again to guide the fireflies to the stone.

For the last stone, you have to go west of the altar, and the remaining fireflies are southwest across the water, under another big tree.

Upon bringing the last fireflies to the remaining stone, you complete the first Merlin Trial in the South Sea Bog region.

Merlin Trial #2: South Of A Medium Bandit Camp

The second Hogwarts Legacy South Sea Bog Merlin Trial is south of a Medium Bandit Camp in the southern part of the region.

Go to the location marked on the map above and start the Trial by interacting with the altar.

Then look southeast of the altar to spot three balls on three pillars, as shown in the next screenshot.

How To Solve Hogwarts Legacy South Sea Bog Merlin Trials

Destroy the balls with basic attacks, then go northeast of the altar and pass the machine to reach the edge of the cliff.

Now look down to see another three balls on three pillars. Repeat the process and destroy the balls.

Then head north of the altar and drop down to find the last three balls you must destroy next to the polluted pond.

After you destroy the last ball, you complete the Trial.

Well done, friend! You’ve solved both Hogwarts Legacy South Sea Bog Merlin Trials puzzles. But if you’re up for more adventures and need help, go to our Wiki Hub here.

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