Hogwarts Legacy The Lost Astrolabe: Where To Dive In The Black Lake

by Vlad
February 8, 2023

Hogwarts Legacy The Lost Astrolabe is one of the side quests you can encounter while exploring the South Hogwarts Region during The Girl From Uagadou main quest.

Completing this side mission gives you the following rewards:

  • 1 Mauve Beret
  • 1 Asylum Mask
  • 1 Dapper Mauve Ensemble
  • 3 Wiggenweld Potions
  • 1 Mermaid Mask
  • 180 XP points

To start this Hogwarts Legacy side quest, you must find Grace Pinch-Smedley, a fellow Hogwarts student who tries to find a missing astrolabe who belonged to her grandparents.

You will find out that the Lost Astrolabe is, in fact, an ancient navigational tool, and you have to retrieve it from the bottom of Black Lake.

So, if you don’t know how to complete The Lost Astrolabe side quest, you should check our walkthrough below.

Where To Find Grace Pinch-Smedley In The Lost Astrolabe Side Quest

To start the side mission, you must travel to Lower Hogsfield, a hamlet located south of Hogwarts Legacy castle in the South Hogwarts Region.

Grace Pinch-Smedley is located northeast of the Lower Hogsfield hamlet, as shown on the map below.

Hogwarts Legacy The Lost Astrolabe Quest Location

More precisely, the quest giver is positioned on a dock in the southwest part of Black Lake, as you can easily spot in the following picture.

Hogwarts Legacy The Lost Astrolabe Where To Find Quest

Where To Find The Diving Spots In Black Lake

After you talk with Grace Pinch-Smedley, your task will be to swim a few meters northeast of the dock in the Hogwarts Legacy Black Lake to get to the diving spots where the Lost Astrolabe is being found.

You can see the exact location of the diving spots on the map below.

Hogwarts Legacy The Lost Astrolabe Diving Spots Location

Once you swim to the location shown on the map above, you can see it marked on your minimap a circular purple area, where you must search small white spots in the water that look like whirlpools, as shown in the next picture.

Hogwarts Legacy The Lost Astrolabe Where To Find Diving Location

You must interact and dive into all the whirlpools in the purple area.

You will get some items each time you dive, but the Lost Astrolabe will always be in the last whirlpool, no matter in which order you dive.

Now that the lost ancient navigational tool is in your possession, you must swim back to the dock and speak with Grace Pinch-Smedley to finish Hogwarts Legacy The Lost Astrolabe side quest.

Also, in the Lower Hogsfield hamlet, you can find the Carted Away side mission, so check our guide here if you’re having problems finding Arn’s Carts.

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