Hogwarts Legacy Feldcroft Catacomb: Where To Find All Collection Chests

March 12, 2023

Hogwarts Legacy Feldcroft Catacomb Collection Chests can be first obtained during the In The Shadow Of Time relationship quest.

In the said relationship quest, you gain access to the Feldcroft Catacomb dungeon for the first time, which has plenty of spiders you need to defeat and a couple of puzzles you need to solve.

The dungeon also features 2 Collection Chests as part of the 22 Feldcroft Region Collection Chests, and you need to get all of them to achieve 100% completion in the area.

We suggest you get the 2 Collection Chests in the Feldcroft Catacomb while completing the In The Shadow Of Time quest because you’ll then have to advance with the story to gain access to the dungeon again.

As such, you should check our guide below and make sure you don’t miss the 2 Hogwarts Legacy Feldcroft Catacomb Collection Chests, which are pretty well hidden.

Where To Find Feldcroft Catacomb In Hogwarts Legacy

The Feldcroft Catacomb dungeon is located in the southern part of the region, and we’ve marked the exact location on the following map.

Hogwarts Legacy Feldcroft Catacomb Location Map

There is a Floo Flame right near the dungeon’s entrance, and if you have it unlocked, you can fast travel to it.

Now venture into the dungeon to start looking for the Feldcroft Catacomb Collection Chests.

Collection Chest #1: Behind A Spider Web

Upon entering the dungeon, you have to make your way forward until you reach the first room, where some spiders are waiting for you, whether you like it or not.

Get over your arachnophobia and take care of the spiders, then use Wingardium Leviosa to move the crate from the southeast to the opposite side under the opening covered by spider web.

Now clear the spider web using Confringo and climb up to find the first Hogwarts Legacy Feldcroft Catacomb Collection Chest.

Hogwarts Legacy Feldcroft Catacomb Collection Chests Locations

Collection Chest #2: Next To A Couple Of Steps

Once you’ve obtained the first chest, proceed into the dungeon until you reach a round and large room with a skeleton in the middle.

Then look at the blocked passage to the northeast and clear the way with some basic attacks while aiming at the smaller rocks.

Now crouch through the opening and go forward to reach a room filled with Devil’s Snare.

First, destroy the door on the other side with Bombarda, then drop down and cast Lumos to make the Devil’s Snare retreat.

Next, pull all the handles on the walls using Accio, and if Devil’s Snare gets in the way, don’t forget about Lumos.

You should now have a bunch of bones in the middle. Climb back up and use Wingardium Leviosa to move the bones near the ledge creating a bridge.

Cross the bridge and head forward to reach the second Feldcroft Catacomb Collection Chest next a couple of steps.

How To Find Hogwarts Legacy Feldcroft Catacomb Collection Chests

You can now continue with your business in the dungeon or even get out because you’ve already obtained all 2 Hogwarts Legacy Feldcroft Catacomb Collection Chests collectibles. However, there is plenty more to do in the video game developed by Avalanche Software, and if you need additional help, go to our Wiki Hub here.

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