Hogwarts Legacy Manor Cape: Where To Find All Infamous Foes

April 3, 2023

Hogwarts Legacy Manor Cape Infamous Foes are formidable enemies you can defeat while exploring the southern area, provided you want to achieve 100% completion.

There are 3 Infamous Foes in the Manor Cape region, and you’ll find 2 of them in the same place; however, we found it more challenging to fight the third one because of his higher level.

Note that when you defeat Infamous Foes in Hogwarts Legacy, you can complete Challenges and unlock cool cosmetics.

Now, in case you are encountering problems with the Manor Cape Infamous Foes, we’ll explain where to find them and how to defeat them in the guide below.

Hogwarts Legacy Manor Cape Infamous Foes Locations Map

On the following Manor Cape map, we’ve marked the locations of all 3 Infamous Foes in the area.

Hogwarts Legacy Manor Cape Infamous Foes Locations Map

To continue, we’ll go over each Infamous Foe, providing further instructions and screenshots.

Infamous Foes #1 And 2: Inside A Basement

The simplest way to reach the first 2 Hogwarts Legacy Manor Cape Infamous Foes is to fast travel to the West Manor Cape Floo Flame, get on your Broom, and gain some serious altitude.

Then, make sure you’re above the Floo Flame and turn toward the northeast to see a small building on the edge of a cliff.

Head to the building, then cast Confringo while aiming at the statue in front, and go stand on the small round platform to get to a basement where the first 2 Infamous Foes and their minions await.

To reach the same basement differently, you must enter the manor northeast of the West Manor Cape Floo Flame (further than the building with the statue from before) and head downstairs to reach a locked door.

To pick the level 3 lock, you’ll need the upgraded version of Alohomora learned during The Man Behind The Moons side quest.

As mentioned, the first option is more accessible, and you should choose it if you haven’t found enough Demiguise Statues to upgrade Alohomora.

Whatever method you choose to enter the basement, you must now defeat the first 2 Manor Cape Infamous Foes: Lord of the Manor, level 27, and Ailsa Travers, level 34.

Hogwarts Legacy Manor Cape Infamous Foes Locations

Note that Lord of the Manor is an Inferius which means you must first use fire spells on him like Incendio and Confringo.

Also, Ailsa Travers has a purple shield, and to break it, you have to use force spells like Accio and Depulso.

Upon burning the Lord of the Manor Inferius and taking down Ailsa’s shield, you can use damage spells or basic attacks on the Infamous Foes to finish them.

Of course, if you have enough energy, the safest bet would be to use Ancient Magic on the powerful enemies.

Also, in the heat of the battle, don’t forget to dodge the enemies’ attacks.

If your level is not too low, you should be able to eventually defeat the first 2 Hogwarts Legacy Manor Cape Infamous Foes.

Infamous Foe #3: In Some Ruins

The third Infamous Foe in Manor Cape, or Dunstan Trinity, is found in some ruins on the south side of the region; check our map for the exact location.

Note that in the same ruins, you can find the Manor Cape Astronomy Table and one of the 5 Manor Cape Merlin Trials.

Dunstan Trinity is a level 37 enemy, and to make matters even worse, he has some buddies with him.

How To Defeat All Hogwarts Legacy Manor Cape Infamous Foes

You should take out the minions first, charging up your Ancient Magic Meter in the process.

However, even the minions will put up quite a fight, as they are level 30 and have yellow, purple, and red shields.

Take the shields down with the corresponding spells, then finish the minions with damage spells and basic attacks.

If you don’t know what spells you should use for the shields, let us help you out:

  • Control spells like Levioso for the yellow shields
  • Force spells like Accio for the purple shields
  • Damage spells like Incendio for the red shields

Upon dealing with the minions, throw everything you got at Dunstan Trinity, and don’t forget to dodge his attacks.

We know he is pretty tanky, and his attacks hurt, but we’re sure you’ll pull it through.

Great job, friend! You’ve managed to find and defeat all 3 Hogwarts Legacy Manor Cape Infamous Foes. You can now focus on quests, puzzles, and collectibles, with help from our Wiki Hub here, if needed.

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