Hogwarts Legacy Marunweem Lake: Where To Find The Infamous Foe

by Vlad
February 25, 2023

Hogwarts Legacy Marunweem Lake Infamous Foe counts as one of the side activities required to get 100% completion in the southeastern lake area featured in the Harry Potter-inspired video game published by Warner Bros. Games.

Unlike other formidable enemies, the Marunweem Lake Infamous Foe in Hogwarts Legacy can’t be found in the open world, meaning that you’ll have to look for him in a dungeon.

Furthermore, the Hogwarts Legacy Infamous Foe in Marunweem Lake is pretty well hidden, and he can be easily missed if you rush through the said dungeon.

So, if you wonder where to find the Infamous Foe in the Marunweem Lake region, throughout the following guide, we’ll tell you where to look for him.

Where To Find The Marunweem Lake Infamous Foe

The Hogwarts Legacy Lake Infamous Foe in Marunweem Lake is found in The Coastal Mine dungeon; you’ll get to explore while playing Lodgok’s Loyalty main quest.

The Coastal Mine is a high-level dungeon found on the northern side of Marunweem Lake, as you can see on the map below.

Hogwarts Legacy Marunweem Lake Infamous Foe

If you intend to visit this area while playing the associated quest, it’s recommended to check our Lodgok’s Loyalty walkthrough, which also covers all Treasure Chests locations.

Furthermore, you should know there are two Coastal Mine Collection Chests you’ll also have to find inside the dungeon.

Assuming you missed the Infamous Foe during your first visit, head to the Coastal Mine Floo Flame, then enter the dungeon again via the iron door on the right side of the vast tunnel.

Once inside, you’ll want to progress through the first section and take the Goblin Cart to the lower floor.

Now, make sure you keep following the linear path and use Accio to move the platform and cross the large gap.

Next, you’ll reach the largest hall in the Coastal Mine, and once again, you’ll need to remove the Goblin presence.

After the hall is clear, check the northern side, and you’ll see a storage deposit.

On top of the stairs is a furnace (pictured below) that you’ll have to ignite by casting Confringo.

Hogwarts Legacy Marunweem Lake Infamous Foe Location

By igniting the furnace, you’ll activate an elevator on the lower level (also marked above).

Get on the elevator and interact with the mechanism to reach the ground floor of the storage area, where the Marunweem Lake Infamous Foe named Grodbik awaits.

How To Defeat The Marunweem Lake Infamous Foe

Grodbik is a Level 34 Goblin protected by a red shield, so you’ll need to cast Damage Spells on him.

However, there is a fast method to deal with this mini-boss, which is also quite amusing.

If you completed Sebastian’s In the Shadow of Time Side Quest and unlocked the Imperio Unforgivable Curse, you can easily cast it on the Fortified Troll protecting Grodbik, and he’ll deal with the boss.

The Fortified Troll deals heavy damage while also taunting Grodbik.

Hogwarts Legacy Marunweem Lake Infamous Foe Location Guide

Once he deals with the Infamous Foe Grodbik, cast Imperio again on the same Troll, and he’ll clear the storage deposit for you. Finally, you’ll have to defeat the Fortified Troll, which is the same as the Trolls you encountered in front of the Coastal Mine entrance.

Now that you know where to find Grodbik make sure you visit our Hogwarts Legacy Wiki if you want to find all Infamous Foes or all other collectibles.

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