Hogwarts Legacy Charms Class: How To Win The Summoner’s Court Mini-Game

by Vlad
February 7, 2023

Hogwarts Legacy Charms Class is one of the two main quests you’ll unlock after Welcome To Hogwarts ends, the other one being Defence Against the Dark Arts Class.

Both main quests are mandatory for progressing the story as a student of the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, in the latest video game developed by Avalanche Software, and both of them unlock new spells you’ll surely want to learn.

Regardless of which quest you decide to play first and what House you have picked, the rewards you’ll receive are the same, while the objectives are also similar.

Assuming you have followed our Welcome To Hogwarts walkthrough and don’t want to miss anything, the Charms Class is the third quest we’ll cover, and throughout the following guide, we’ll tell you how to complete it.

Hogwarts Legacy Charms Class main quest becomes available after you talk to Professor Fig in the Hogwarts Central Hall.

Therefore, we’ll start from here, then return to the same hall for the next quest in line.

Where To Find Professor’s Ronen Charms Class In The Astronomy Wing

The fastest way to find the Charms Class for the first time in Hogwarts Legacy is to use the Charmed Compass by pressing Up on your DPad.

Once you do that, you’ll see some wisps (pictured below) that are pretty similar to those you have followed in the dark room while playing The Path To Hogwarts.

So from the large fountain in Hogwarts Central Hall, follow the wisps and the large stairs pictured below.

Hogwarts Legacy Charms Class Walkthrough

Upon reaching the top of the stairs, head right, and keep going up, then head through the wooden door on the right.

Once outside, cross the yard and the bridge ahead to enter the Defence Against Dark Arts Tower.

Now head right and follow the stairs up to the second floor, where you’ll see a large stone statue depicting a wizard holding a lamp.

Head through the door in front of the statue and press Square/X to begin the quest.

Hogwarts Legacy Charms Class Guide

During the next cutscene, you’ll meet Natsai Onai, a student coming from the Uagadou School of Magic, the largest wizarding school in the world.

Furthermore, you’ll also meet Professor Ronen, who will teach you the Accio Spell or one of the 34 Hogwarts Legacy Spells.

To unlock the spell, you’ll once again have to complete a small puzzle by guiding your wand (the blue arrow on the pattern) using the Left Thumbstick as fast as possible.

Make sure you reach the other side of the pattern before the red spell catches up with your blue marker, and press the corresponding buttons on the screen when your marker is above them.

Hogwarts Legacy Accio Spell Unlock

Now that you unlocked the Accio Spell, it’s time to put it to the test. Or, in this case, to a contest against Natsai Onai.

After getting outside with Professor Ronen, you’ll be able to play a mini-game that involves several spheres.

The idea here is to pull the Spheres toward you using Accio and try getting them within the colored areas on the ground. The closer they are, the bigger the score.

However, if one of the spheres drops to the ground, as you can see below, you’ll get 0 points.

Hogwarts Legacy Accio Mini Game

The first attempt in this mini-game is only a trial, but the next objective is to compete against Natsai Onai.

How To Beat Natsai Onai In The Summoner’s Court Accio Mini-Game

When playing the Accio mini-game against Natsai in Hogwarts Legacy, there are several tips you have to be aware of:

  • After casting Accio by pressing R2/RT + Square/X, release R2/RT only when the sphere is about to exit the orange area, moving toward you
  • Do not press Square/X more than once when you cast the spell
  • Natsai’s score is quite impressive, even if you don’t play on the highest difficulty level
  • A lower score you can get from a sphere is better than a 0 you get from being greedy and pulling the sphere too much
  • Even if you lose both rounds, you’ll still complete the quest
  • During the second round, two moving obstacles will spawn. Pull the sphere you are targeting the moment an object passes in front of it
  • Don’t forget that you can move on the podium for a better angle

Here is what a perfect round looks like in the Hogwarts Legacy Summoner’s Court mini-game.

Hogwarts Legacy Summoner's Court Mini Game

After completing the mini-game, you’ll get back to the Charms Class, where you’ll get the chance to discuss with Natsai. Make sure you get to learn more about her school in Uagadou, even if your answers won’t affect the story.

After talking to her, you’ll complete the Hogwarts Legacy Charms Class quest and receive 260 XP.

Furthermore, since this is the second main quest you complete, you’ll finish the first Quests Challenge in the Field Guide, unlocking the Legendary Gloves. If you don’t know how to use them to change your Gear Appearance, refer to this guide.

Now that you have finished the game, it’s time to fast-travel back to the Hogwarts Central Hall to play the next quest in line, named Defence Against the Dark Arts Class. To do this, open your Field Guide, and from the Floo Flames Locations list, select The Library Annex.

Next, select Central Hall and press Square/X to be teleported to the same fountain where our Hogwarts Legacy Charms Class walkthrough started.

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