Hogwarts Legacy: Where To Find The Key Of Admittance

March 25, 2023

Hogwarts Legacy Key Of Admittance is an item essential for uncovering one of the three Hogwarts Secrets and completing one of the Exploration Challenges.

The Key Of Admittance will unlock a door leading to a room above the Trophy Room in Hogwarts Castle.

In the said room, you can find a large loot chest, one of the Grand Staircase Field Guide Pages, and two of the Grand Staircase Collection Chests.

The problem is you can get the item only after completing Niamh Fitzgerald’s Trial toward the end of the main story.

Also, you’ll need the upgraded version of the Alohomora spell, learned during The Man Behind The Moons side quest.

If we got your attention and you meet the requirements, you should check the guide below to learn where to find and how to use the Key Of Admittance in Hogwarts Legacy.

Where To Find The Key Of Admittance

First, you need to fast travel to the Trophy Room Floo Flame in the Grand Staircase area of Hogwarts Castle, as shown on the following map.

Hogwarts Legacy Key Of Admittance Location

To continue, get to the other side of the circular corridor by passing through the room in the middle and then head up the stairs to the southeast to reach a hallway.

Cross the hallway and go up some stairs to get to a spiral staircase that you should climb all the way up.

Then go through the door to get into a corridor with a bunch of statues of winged creatures. Remember this place because you’ll have to return here shortly.

Now go up the narrow spiral staircase on the southeastern part of the corridor to reach the Headmaster’s Office.

Go to the door with the green carpet in front on the northeastern part of the office and use Alohomora to pick the level 2 lock to open it.

Then go through the door, and you’ll find yourself on a balcony outside.

Head up the stairs to reach another locked door. This time you need to pick a level 3 lock.

Go through this door as well and head up the stairs to reach a room with a desk next to a phonograph.

You’ll never guess what’s waiting for you on the desk. Yes, the Hogwarts Legacy Key Of Admittance.

How To Find Hogwarts Legacy Key Of Admittance

Also, upon entering the room, you unlock the Room with a View Trophy/Achievement.

How To Use The Key Of Admittance In Hogwarts Legacy

Now that you have the key in your possession head back to the corridor with the statues of winged creatures.

Then head to the northeastern part of the corridor and use the Key Of Admittance to open the door with the big lock.

How To Use Hogwarts Legacy Key Of Admittance

Immediately as the door opens, you complete one of the Hogwarts Secrets Challenges. Don’t forget to loot every chest inside and use Revelio to find the Field Guide Page.

Congratulations are in order because you’ve found the Hogwarts Legacy Key Of Admittance and uncovered one of the Hogwarts Secrets. However, don’t forget to check our Wiki Hub here for more helpful guides.

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