Hogwarts Legacy Percival Rackham’s Trial Puzzle Solutions

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February 14, 2023

Hogwarts Legacy Percival Rackham’s Trial is one of the difficult quests in the latest video game published by Warner Bros. Games because it involves an unusual maze filled with puzzles you must complete.

Percival Rackham’s Trial quest is nevertheless mandatory to progress the Hogwarts Legacy story and prove that you are worthy of the Ancient Magic knowledge. For completing the first Hogwarts Legacy trial designed by Professor Percival Rackham, you’ll receive 260 XP and unlock the That’s a Keeper achievement/trophy.

However, alongside these rewards, while playing the first trial, you can also find many Treasure Chests. Therefore, our walkthrough below explains how to deal with all puzzles and objectives and where to find all Hogwarts Legacy Percival Rackham’s Trial chests.

Where To Find Professor Fig at the Tower

As you remember from our Map Chamber walkthrough, Rackham explained that you must go through a series of trials to access the Ancient Magic knowledge. Hogwarts Legacy features four such trials, one for each professor you have met while looking at the memories in the Pensieves, and as you can guess, Percival Rackham’s Trial is the first one.

Furthermore, Rackham agreed to allow you to enter the first trial after Fig explained that Ranrok’s presence intensified. So, it’s time to deal with the first important puzzle in the game. Although Fig can’t join you, he agrees to help you find the entrance at the Tower north of Hogsmeade.

To find Fig, open your map, and you’ll see him being relocated close to the San Bakar’s Tower. At this point, you’ll want to use your flying broom to reach the marker northwest of Hogsmeade. Look for the meeting spot by the road near San Bakar’s Tower Floo Flame.

Hogwarts Legacy Percival Rackham's Trial Walkthrough

After talking to Fig, he’ll tell you that Ranrok’s Loyalists guard the path ahead, and they also set a camp nearby. So, the next objective is to investigate their presence.

How To Investigate the Goblin Presence

To investigate the Goblins’ presence in Hogwarts Legacy, follow Professor Fig and the path west towards the ruins ahead. When you reach the stairs, you’ll learn how to use the Petrificus Totalus and silently take down enemies.

This spell works while near a Goblin, and you must cast Disillusionment first. Make sure you equip it by pressing Right on your DPad. After turning invisible, get close to the Goblin near the ruin’s entrance and press Square/X to take him out silently using Petrificus Totalus.

Now remain invisible and take a look around to see more Goblins. You can dispatch most of them without being spotted. After you clear the camp, things can get pretty confusing as the objective won’t change. While many consider this a bug, in fact, to progress and get the next objective, you’ll need to find a specific item. That item is a note inside the tent on the left side as you enter the ruins. Or southeast if you want.

Hogwarts Legacy Percival Rackham's Trial Walkthrough Investigate The Goblin Presence Bug Fix

After picking up the Goblin Note marked above, you’ll get ambushed by more Goblins, so stay alert and deal with all of them. Now, you’ll want to carefully search the area using Revelio to spot all Goblin Chests and the items they dropped. Loot everything before moving toward the Tower in the distance (north).

How To Search The Tower

As you get close to the Tower, Fig will remove the wooden beam blocking the path. On the ground floor, loot the small Treasure Chest on the crate and the Galleons nearby. Now follow the ramp-up, looting all bags and other yellow objects outlined by your Revelio Spell. When you reach the top floor, you’ll find Percival Rackham’s portrait.

Hogwarts Legacy Percival Rackham's Trial Guide

Where To Find The Entrance To The First Trial In Hogwarts Legacy

After talking to Rackham, he’ll tell you the time has come for you to enter the first trial. Alone. So, while Fig and Rackham return to the Map Chamber, your objective is to find the secret trial entrance.

From your current location, head downstairs, but remain in the Tower. The entrance to the first trial is a reservoir of Ancient Magic. As you can see below, it’s close to the bookshelf on the left side of the ground floor.

Hogwarts Legacy Percival Rackham's Trial Entrance Location

Investigate it, and after you step through the portal, follow the corridor ahead, then open the wooden door to start the trial.

How To Complete Percival Rackham’s Trial (All Chests Locations)

Before moving forward, it’s worth outlining that each section of the trial features some Treasure Chests you don’t want to miss. While they don’t count as collectibles, these chests include gear you won’t be able to retrieve later in the game.

To get the chests, you’ll have to complete some additional steps while solving the trial’s puzzles. Our guide includes the locations of all Percival Rackham’s Trial Chests. Now, when you enter the trial, follow the corridor ahead, and you’ll get to a gap. This is the first puzzle you’ll need to solve, and it’s very accessible. To cross the gap, check the area below the upper floor. Take the stairs down, and you’ll find a pool of Magic you can investigate.

Hogwarts Legacy Percival Rackham's Trial Puzzles Guide

After summoning the bridge, head upstairs and enter the portal ahead. The moment you cross to the other side, look for two Chests. One is on the suspended platform’s right side, and the other is on the left side.

Now, push forward and cross the moving bridge to enter a large hall. Cross the large room, but before interacting with the pool of Magic in the center, loot the Chest on the other side of the hall. You’ll spot it on the right side of the statue. Another one can be found near the room’s northern wall, close to the stairs.

After interacting with the magic pool, enter the portal and cross the linear hallway ahead to reach another hall where you’ll have to deal with several Pensieve Sentinels and a Pensieve Protector. Make sure you clear the area, then check the western side of the room. You should be able to find a side room with another large gap you’ll have to cross. On the other side is another Chest.

To get it, you’ll have to cast Arresto Momentum while aiming for the seal on the left side.

Hogwarts Legacy Percival Rackham's Trial Chests Locations

After looting the Chest above, retrace your steps to the previous room, and behind the wall where the Pensieve Protector stood, you’ll find a room with a floating platform. If you cast Revelio, you’ll also notice two chests in this room. Ignore them for now and focus on the puzzle.

To solve this Hogwarts Legacy Percival Rackham’s Trial puzzle start by pulling the suspended platform (marked below) towards you. Cast Accio after you equip it.

Hogwarts Legacy Percival Rackham's Trial Platforms Puzzle

Now jump on the platform and cast Accio again while aiming for the hook on the central pillar (also marked). Finally, turn west, and you’ll see another hook. Use Accio to reach the upper level, where you’ll find a magic pool. Investigate it; then, before going through the next portal, you’ll see that the room has changed. Now, you’ll be able to get both chests simply by navigating the room while standing on the floating plate.

Hogwarts Legacy Percival Rackham's Trial Floating Platform Room Chests

After looting these two chests, return to the portal and step through it (blue side) to find another large chest in the room behind. Get it, then step through the portal again to return to the previous room. The next step is to return to the platform and use the hook on the southern wall (left side of the portal) to get to the area behind the portal.

Hogwarts Legacy Percival Rackham's Trial Portal Puzzle Guide

In the next area, deal with more Pensieve Protectors, then look around, and you’ll see another suspended plate. On the right side of the room, there are some stairs. Follow the stairs up to the balcony, and while standing on the edge, pull the platform (marked below) toward you using Accio. Jump on it, then investigate the magic pool (also marked).

Hogwarts Legacy Percival Rackham's Trial Solution

Once you investigate the magic pool, jump to the ground and step through the portal, making sure you enter through the blue side. Now, you’ll notice that the room has changed, and what you are looking for is a chest. So, follow the stairs on the western side, and from the balcony, pull the suspended platform, then use it to get to the southeastern corner of the room where the Chest marked below awaits.

Hogwarts Legacy Percival Rackham's Trial How To Complete

After getting this Chest, jump to the ground and step through the portal again, but this time, make sure you use the red entrance.

Take the western stairs to reach the bridge in the middle of the room. From here, you should be able to spot the platform waiting near the wall where you found the previous Chest. Pull it using Accio, then jump on it and pull yourself toward the southern side of the room.

Hogwarts Legacy Percival Rackham's Trial Quest Walkthrough

Upon reaching the next section, descend the stairs and loot the Chest on the right side. Head east next, and get ready to deal with more Pensieve Protectors. After you defeat them, head southeast and you’ll see another magic pool close to the edge of a large gap. Now, the most difficult Percival Rackham’s Trial puzzle starts. To make sure you don’t miss anything, try following the steps outlined below.

Final Hogwarts Legacy Percival Rackham’s Trial Puzzle Solution

To complete the last puzzle without missing anything, activate the magic pool and notice another suspended platform next to you. Pull it using Accio, jump on it, turn right (west), and pull yourself towards the western wall of the cave.

Now, look around, and you should see another hook on the central structure behind the portal. Above it is a chest you have to reach.

Hogwarts Legacy Percival Rackham's Trial Quest How To Complete

Pull yourself toward the hook marked in the screenshot above, then jump near the Chest and loot it. Now, you’ll want to jump into the chasm to reset the area. Don’t worry because you’ll keep the gear found in the Chest. Upon resetting the section, start again by activating the magic pool, then pulling the floating platform so you can jump on it.

However, this time around, pull yourself towards the left side of the cave (east). The trick here is to stop using Accio when you are in front of the portal. Now, you’ll want to pull the platform you are standing on towards the platform behind the portal, as pictured below.

Hogwarts Legacy Percival Rackham's Trial Quest How To Navigate

When close enough, jump on the second platform and through the portal, then pull yourself toward the western side of the cave and finally toward the southern wall, using the hooks.

Upon reaching the next section, follow the linear path and the stairs ahead, then open the next door. Make sure you loot the Chest on the left side when you reach the second door, then get ready to face more Pensieve Protectors. Deal with them, then beat the Pensieve Protector boss to access the final room in the trial.

How To Learn the Trial’s Secret

Now that the Pensieve Protector is defeated, cross the bridge that spawns to enter the Pensieve Chamber. Before interacting with the Pensieve, loot the last Chest on the right side.

By interacting with the Pensieve, you’ll trigger a cutscene showing Isidora Morganach using Ancient Magic under Rackham’s direct supervision. While Isidora can use Magic to transform the world, she wants more than that. Specifically, she wants to help her father.

Even though Percival insists that Ancient Magic should not be used to manipulate people, it seems that Iisodra has already made her choice.

The events move several years later when Isidora returns to Hogwarts as a teacher. To celebrate her new position as a Defence Against The Dark Arts teacher, she invites Percival Rackham and Charles Rookwood to dinner. Once you witness these past events, follow the pointer and exit to The Map Chamber via the door southwest from your current location.

During the final part of the Hogwarts Legacy Percival Rackham’s Trial quest, you’ll get to talk to both Percival Rackham and Charles Rookwood. The dialogue choices during the conversation won’t affect the story, so answer however you like. Before leaving, Charles Rookwood will tell you about the Ancient Magic Spots, which count as collectibles in Hogwarts Legacy.

After you return to your house’s Common Room, you’ll receive two letters that allow you to start the Sweeping The Competition side quest and Professor Onai’s Assignment. Finally, three new main quests (Beasts Class, The Caretaker’s Lunar Lament, and The Helm of Uktkot) will be unlocked after finishing Percival Rackham’s Trial.

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