Hogwarts Legacy Defence Against The Dark Arts Class Duel Guide

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February 8, 2023

Defence Against The Dark Arts Class is the second Hogwarts Legacy main quest unlocked after finishing Welcome To Hogwarts in the video game developed by Avalanche Software, and it’s pretty similar to the first one we have covered, named Charms Class.

This means the Defence Against The Dark Arts Class quest unlocks a new spell you can use in combat. Specifically the Levioso Spell. As outlined in our Hogwarts Legacy Charms Class walkthrough, you can complete any of the two quests in any order you like, and both of them are mandatory for progressing the story.

Where To Find Professor’s Hecat Defence Against the Dark Arts Class

The Defence Against The Dark Arts Class in Hogwarts Legacy is found in the Astronomy Wing, so that’s where you’ll have to go the moment this quest begins. Since the quest starts at the end of Welcome To Hogwarts, after you talk to Professor Fig, you’ll most likely be in the Hogwarts Central Hall.

So, open your Field Guide and track the current quest, then return to the game and press Up on your DPad to use the Charmed Compass. Follow the golden magic wisps as they guide you to Professor Hecat. From Hogwarts Central Hall, exit through the large wooden door southwest of the fountain.

Hogwarts Legacy Defence Against The Dark Arts Class Walkthrough

Once outside, cross the Transfiguration Courtyard and enter the door in front of you. Now follow the stairs up, head left, then right. Keep moving up the stairs, and you’ll notice a door on the right side. Next to it, you should see a surveillance system. Place yourself in front of the door and press Square/X to start the quest.

Hogwarts Legacy Defence Against The Dark Arts Class Guide

Upon joining the class, if you have opted for the Gryffindor House, you’ll get to meet Sebastian Sallow, a member of the Slytherin House. Unlike Draco Malfoy, however, he’s quite friendly and will become your friend in time if you allow him, obviously.

Furthermore, you’ll meet Professor Hecat, who will quickly explain why her class is so important. Finally, you’ll get the chance to learn Levioso or one of the 34 Hogwarts Legacy Spells. This specific Spell allows you to levitate enemies or objects and is pretty useful in duels.

To unlock the Levioso Spell in Hogwarts Legacy, once again, you’ll need to complete a small puzzle similar to those you have completed to unlock all Spells up to this point.

As such, steady your want and use the Left Thumbstick to guide it to the other side of the pattern on the right. Remember that you must avoid being caught by the red Spell, so make sure you press the buttons on the pattern whenever your wand reaches them. This will speed up your wand’s movement.

Hogwarts Legacy Defence Against The Dark Arts Levioso Spell Unlock

How To Perform a Basic Cast on the Training Dummy

Now that you have unlocked Levioso, it’s time to put it to the test. For the next objective, you’ll have to practice on a training dummy. To perform a Basic Cast on the training dummy, you only need to tap R2/RT several times without pressing other buttons. The idea here is to learn how an enemy deflects your spells. In this case, the training dummy has a yellow shield around it, which makes it invulnerable.

But when using Levioso, things change, so for the next objective, you have to cast Levioso on the training dummy, followed by a Basic Cast. If you pay close attention to the spells on the right side, you’ll notice that Levioso is a yellow spell.

The color matches the one of the shield surrounding the training dummy, so your target is vulnerable to this type of Spell. To cast Levioso on the training dummy followed by a Basic Cast, start by holding down R2/RT, then press Circle/B. When the training dummy is in the air, release Circle/B and tap R2/RT several times.

Hogwarts Legacy Defence Against The Dark Arts Class Quest Walkthrough

After hitting the dummy with the Basic Cast, Professor Hecat has one more task for you. This time, she wants you to face another wizard. In this case, it will be Sebastian.

How to Defeat Sebastian Sallow in a Duel

To defeat Sebastian in Professor Hecat’s duel, you’ll need to use everything you have learned so far. When the duel starts, you’ll want to quickly cast Levioso (hold down R2/RT, then press Circle/B), followed by a Basic Cast while Sebastian floats. If Sebastian Sallow doesn’t have a shield around him, use only Basic Cast by tapping R2/RT.

Remember that, unlike the dummy, Sebastian also casts spells, and you’ll want to avoid them by casting Protego (press Triangle/Y) when you see the prompt on your screen.

Hogwarts Legacy Defence Against The Dark Arts Class Duel

Obviously, you can also use Levioso even if Sebastian doesn’t have a shield. It is worth knowing that to complete the quest or win the duel, you don’t have to fully deplete your target’s health bar. Only hit him/her several times. After the duel, Professor Hecat will congratulate you, and as a final objective, you’ll need to talk to your rival again.

In this case, Sebastian will ask you if you are a duelist. Answer however you want, and then he’ll tell you about an exclusive club you could join. Again, how you answer is not essential for the upcoming events. What is important is that you’ll unlock the Crossed Wands: Round 1. Furthermore, if you have already completed the Charms Class main quest, you’ll unlock the next main quest named Weasley After Class.

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