Hogwarts Legacy Hogsmeade Valley Merlin Trial Solutions

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February 21, 2023

Hogsmeade Valley Merlin Trials are Hogwarts Legacy puzzles scattered through the northeastern region that, on completion, will get you a step closer to unlocking the Merlin’s Beard! Trophy/Achievement. To solve Merlin puzzles, you must first complete the Trials Of Merlin main quest, where you help Nora Treadwell with her research.

To start Merlin Trials, it is mandatory to have Mallowsweet Leaves, which can be found in the open world or grown at your potting table in the Room of Requirement. The Mallowsweet Seed Recipe can be purchased from The Magic Neep shop in Hogsmeade.

Where To Find the Five Hogsmeade Valley Merlin Trials in Hogwarts Legacy

On the map below, we have marked the locations for all Merlin Trials you must solve. As you can see, they are found on the northwestern side of Hogsmeade Valley.

Hogwarts Legacy Hogsmeade Valley Merlin Trials Locations Map

Merlin Trial #1: North of the Falbarton Castle Floo Flame

The first Hogsmeade Valley Trial can be found on the east side of the region, north of the Falbarton Castle Floo Flame, at the location marked on the map above. Once you reach the spot, interact with the stone platform to start the Trial. That is, if you have Mallowsweet Leaves, of course.

Then, if you scout the area, preferably after casting Revelio (Left Arrow on the D-pad of your controller), you’ll find three weird-looking stones, one to the southeast and the other two uphill to the southwest. Near the southeast stone, you should see some fireflies. Cast Lumos near them to make them follow you to the stone.

Hogwarts Legacy Hogsmeade Valley Merlin Trials Locations

Now, you must find another two sets of fireflies for the other two stones. The second swarm of fireflies is next to the stone platform where you started the Trial. The third and final swarm is in the hole east of the stone platform. Bring all the fireflies groups to the stones, and you complete the Trial.

Merlin Trial #2: Close to the Edge of the Map

As shown on our map, the second Merlin Trial in Hogsmeade Valley is west of the previous one (close to the edge of the map). Start the Trial and go north to find a giant boulder on which you have to use Depulso, learned after completing Professor Sharp’s Assignment 1.

Hogwarts Legacy Hogsmeade Valley Merlin Trials Puzzles Solutions

Use the spell to push the boulder to the northwest on the slide-type slope, making it go downhill into a hole. When the boulder reaches the hole, you complete the Trial.

Merlin Trial #3: Surrounded by Candles

For the third Merlin puzzle, you must go north of the East Hogsmeade Valley Floo Flame. You’ll find the stone platform surrounded by candles; interact with it to start the Trial. Now position yourself on the high ground because you must spot and light up three torches using Confringo, learned during the In the Shadow of the Undercroft main quest.

One torch is southeast of the stone platform, the second northeast, and the third north. The Trial is done when all the torches are lit.

Where To Find Hogwarts Legacy Hogsmeade Valley Merlin Trials

Merlin Trial #4: Southwest of Upper Hogsfield

For the next puzzle, you must go southwest of the Upper Hogsfield hamlet. In the hamlet, you can start two side quests:  Breaking Camp and Brother’s Keeper. Once you reach the spot pinpointed on our map, you can start the Trial.

To complete this puzzle, you must destroy five stones using the Confringo spell. The stones are scattered around the platform, and if you use Revelio, they will get highlighted, as you can see in the next image.

How To Solve Hogwarts Legacy Hogsmeade Valley Merlin Trials Puzzles

Merlin Trial #5: East of Hogsmeade

The final Merlin Trial in this region is located east of the Hogsmeade village, next to one of the Hogsmeade Valley Landing Platforms. Start the Trial after finding the stone platform at the fifth location on the map above. This puzzle follows the same logic as the first Trial, so you must find three stones and three swarms of fireflies.

How To Solve All Hogwarts Legacy Hogsmeade Valley Merlin Trials

The stones can be spotted from the platform as they are close to it—one to the north, another to the west, and the last to the southeast.

As for the fireflies, you can find one swarm near some barrels east of the stone platform. For the other two swarms, you must follow the southeastern road until you reach the entrance to a cavern. Do not enter the cavern; instead, turn to the right and use Confringo to destroy the wooden boards blocking your access to a secret area.

You can now see a swarm of fireflies near the cart in front. The final swarm is on a cliff northwest of the previously mentioned cart. Now, after you bring the last swarm of fireflies to the last stone, you complete the Trial.

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