Hogwarts Legacy Herbology Class: How To Use The Chomping Cabbage

Written by Vlad Susanu
February 10, 2023

Hogwarts Legacy Herbology Class is the first main quest of the fourth Chapter in the video game developed by Avalanche Software, and it introduces new features as well as a new teacher named Professor Garlick.

Herbology Class is also one of the funniest quests because it allows you to plant a Mandrake just like Harry Potter during his first year at Hogwarts.

Furthermore, by completing the Herbology Class quest in Hogwarts Legacy, you’ll get access to the Potting Table and learn how to grow your own plants, which can be later used to make useful potions.

So, throughout the following Hogwarts Legacy Herbology Class walkthrough, we’ll guide you through all the objectives you must complete.

Where To Find The Herbology Class In Hogwarts Legacy

The Herbology Class in Hogwarts Legacy is found in the Library Annex Area of the castle; however, you won’t be able to play the current quest unless you finish the previous main quest named Tomes And Tribulations.

After leaving Fig’s Office, open your Field Guide and track the Herbology Class. To attend the class, you’ll have to reach the Greenhouses in the Library Annex.

If this is your first visit, activate the Field Compass by pressing Up on your DPad, and follow the marker on your minimap or the golden whisps that spawn.

If you have already explored Hogwarts, simply fast-travel to the Greenhouses Floo Flame.

Once you reach your destination, head inside the Greenhouses and start the quest while standing on top of the golden circle on the ground.

Hogwarts Legacy Herbology Class Walkthrough

After starting the quest, you’ll meet Professor Garlick, and she’ll introduce you to the class. Next, you’ll have to deal with a Mandrake Root. Precisely, move it from one pot to another.

To do this, you’ll have to:

  • Press X/A to pull the Mandrake
  • Push the Right Thumbstick down to plant it in the new pot

Now that you know how to deal with the Mandrakes, speak to Professor Garlick to start the actual lesson. You’ll find her on the other side of the Greenhouse.

If you want to play safe, tell her that you enjoyed the first lesson. For the next lesson, you’ll have to plant some Dittany Seeds. Specifically those you have acquired while playing Welcome To Hogsmeade.

How To Plant Dittany Seeds At The Potting Table

To plant the Dittany Seeds at the Potting Table in Hogwarts Legacy, return to the table where you have repotted the Mandrake Root. Now, follow these steps:

  1. Interact with the Small Planter by pressing  (▢) – PS / (X) – Xbox
  2. Select the Dittany Seeds from the inventory on the right side
  3. Press X/A to plant them

If you pay close attention, you’ll notice that the Hogwarts Legacy Dittany Seeds need 10 minutes in real time to grow. Or to turn into a Dittany Plant.

Hogwarts Legacy Herbology Class Guide

The good news, however, is that while waiting for your plants to grow, Professor Garlick has another task you must complete.

So, talk to her again, and she’ll send you to find the other Greenhouse. The path is once again marked on your map, and you’ll meet Leander Prewett while moving up the stairs. He’ll follow you, so stick to the path marked on the minimap.

After reaching the top floor, you’ll enter the other Greenhouse and have to descend to the ground floor.

Now, on the tables under the tree, you’ll see several Chinese Chomping Cabbages.

Hogwarts Legacy Herbology Class Chinese Chomping Cabbages

Keep in mind that the Hogwarts Legacy Chinese Chomping Cabbages count as Tools. Or, in this case, weapons.

Make sure you collect all of them, and you’ll be asked to use them to attack the dummy.

How To Attack The Target Dummy With A Chomping Cabbage

As with all Hogwarts Legacy Tools, the Chomping Cabbage must be equipped first.

So press and hold L1/LB to open the Tool Wheel, then select the Chomping Cabbage with the Right Thumbstick.

Release L1/LB, and you should see the Chomping Cabbage in the lower left corner of your screen, near the minimap.

Now that you have equipped it attack the training dummy nearby by pressing L1/LB. What you should know about the Chomping Cabbage attack is that you don’t have to aim. Simply press L1/LB once to drop it to the ground.

Since the Chomping Cabbage is quite an active plant, you’ll see that it can find its target without your help. And shred it to pieces.

Hogwarts Legacy How To Use Chinese Chomping Cabbages

Awesome job! Now that you learned how to use a Chomping Cabbage in Hogwarts Legacy, it’s time to head back to Professor Garlick and see if your Dittany Plant is ready to be harvested.

Retrace your steps to the first Greenhouse, and if needed, wait for the Dittany to grow. When ready, harvest the plant and talk to Professor Garlick.

The dialogue choices are not important for the upcoming events, but now that you finished the Hogwarts Legacy Herbology Class, you can turn the Dittany into a Potion, so it’s time to complete the Potions Class main quest.

Alternatively, you can start The Girl From Uagadou and other side-quests available up to this point, all of them being covered by our Hogwarts Legacy Wiki.

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