Hogwarts Legacy Back On the Path: How To Complete

by Vlad
February 19, 2023

Hogwarts Legacy Back On the Path is a dialogue-focused main quest featured in the video game published by Warner Bros. Games, which prepares you for the second trial you’ll need to complete at Rookwood Castle.

Even though Hogwarts Legacy Back On the Path main quest includes several cutscenes, completing it is a mandatory step because it allows you to progress the story.

Furthermore, you’ll receive 260 XP for finishing it and learn more about the trial that awaits you.

Back On the Path takes around 5 minutes to complete, and throughout the following guide, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about it.

How To Get To The Map Chamber In Back On the Path

The first objective you’ll receive when you start the Back On the Path main quest is to get to the Map Chamber at the end of the previous story quest, named The High Keep.

After you escape with Natty from the High Keep, you’ll receive a letter from Fig, so check your Owl Post.

Hogwarts Legacy Back On the Path Walkthrough

As you can see, it is the third letter from Fig, and it reads:

I assume you have news regarding the goblin you mentioned. Why don’t we meet at the Map Chamber to discuss that and our next steps.

Professor Fig

After the letter arrives, open the Quests Tab in your Field Guide and track the Back On the Path quest.

Now, you’ll want to return to the Map Chamber; therefore, open your map, navigate to Hogwarts Map, then from the list of Floo Flames on the left side of the screen, select Secret Rooms, followed by The Map Chamber. Once you arrive, follow the corridor ahead, and open the door to enter the room.

Talking To Professor Fig

As you approach the center of the Map Chamber, you’ll somehow interrupt Fig, who talks to Percival Rackham and Charles Rookwood about your aptitudes.

After Fig finishes, interact with him and tell him about Lodgok and his friendship with Ranrok. Eventually, Fig will ask you if you think Lodgok can be trusted, and you’ll have two dialogue choices:

  • I do
  • Difficult to say

If you go with the first one, Fig will be pretty cautious, while if you go with the second, he’ll agree with you.

Hogwarts Legacy Back On the Path Guide

So both options have the same outcome and are not important for the events ahead. Pick whatever you want.

Now tell him about the helmet you retrieved for Lodgok during the Helm Of Urtkot main quest and that Lodgok mentioned that Ranrok is searching for something.

Charles Rookwood is quite worried about Ranrok especially since the goblin investigates Charles’ old castle.

He’ll tell you that Rookwood Castle is the location of the next trial. If you want, ask him if he saw anything, and he’ll tell you he didn’t because he stood out of sight to avoid his portrait’s destruction.

Next, you’ll have to tell Charles about his descendant Victor and the fact that he allied with Ranrok. Charles is quite disappointed, and he’ll ask you to visit Rookwood Castle as soon as possible and stop Ranrok’s Loyalists from getting their hands on an important source of power while completing the second trial.

As usual, you’ll meet Fig outside Rookwood Castle.

Now that Hogwarts Legacy Back On the Path is complete, it is recommended to finish all available side-quests and empty your inventory because our Charles Rookwood’s Trial walkthrough also explains where to find all Treasure Chests, and you’ll need space to store them.

Last but not least, if you need additional help with the side-quests you need to complete, check our Hogwarts Legacy Wiki Hub for more guides.

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