Hogwarts Legacy Summoner’s Court Match 4 Quest Walkthrough

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February 19, 2023

Hogwarts Legacy Summoner’s Court Match 4 is a minigame side quest in which you’ll have to win a game of Summoner’s Court against Charlotte Morrison. Charlotte Morrison was one of the four opponents during the Crossed Wands Round 3 Side Quest, and now she’s back to take her revenge.

Winning this fourth round will gain you 180 XP and unlock the final match, Summoner’s Court Match 5 Side Quest. For the Summoner’s Court Match 4 Side Quest to become available, you must advance the story until you’ve finished In The Shadow Of The Mine Story Quest with Sebastian.

It is also mandatory to complete the previous Summoner’s Court matches until you’ve finished Summoner’s Court Match 3 Side Quest and reached at least Level 20 in Hogwarts Legacy. If you’ve fulfilled the above conditions, fast-travel to the Flying Class Lawn Floo Flame and speak with Charlotte Morrison on the court board.

Hogwarts Legacy Summoner's Court Match 4 Side Quest Starting Location

How To Win Summoner’s Court Match 4 in Hogwarts Legacy

The fourth round of Summoner’s Court features a new board with multiple obstacles seen during the Summoner’s Court Match 1 and Summoner’s Court Match 2: four bouncing blocks and three whirlpools. The trick here is to find the proper angles to get past them and reach the blue and green sections with higher points.

Stand in front of the far left ball, use Accio to pull it to the borderline between the orange and green sections, and then release. Doing so will make the ball land in the blue area worth 50 points.

Summoner's Court Match 4 First Ball

You’ll want to move to the left for the ball in the middle to get a good angle between the bouncing blocks. Cast Accio, pull it to the end of the orange section, and release the ball, basically using the same strategy. You can also check for the right angle in the image below.

Summoner's Court Match Second Ball

For the final ball, you’ll have to stand near the middle of the court board. Then, cast Accio, pull it on the line between the orange and green sections, and release the ball. The nearest whirlpool to you will capture it briefly, but it should land in the blue section.

Summoner's Court Match 4 Third Ball

When you defeat Charlotte, she will congratulate you and advise you to prepare for the next fifth and final Summoner’s Court match. How did you defeat Charlotte Morrison during Summoner’s Court Match 4 in Hogwarts Legacy? Let us know in the comments section below.

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