Hogwarts Legacy The Polyjuice Plot: What Is The Black Family Motto

by Vlad
February 23, 2023

Hogwarts Legacy The Polyjuice Plot is one of the funniest main quests in the video game developed by Avalanche Software because it allows you to become the Hogwarts Headmaster and interact with some of the characters from a different perspective.

As a main quest, Hogwarts Legacy The Polyjuice Plot is mandatory for progressing the story and unlocking the third Trial, which, as explained by Professor Niamh Fitzgerald, is found in Professor Black’s Office.

But getting inside, it’s a bit trickier because you’ll need to know the password to open the said office. As such, you’ll have to get the password from Scrope or Black’s house elf.

To help you with this task, our Hogwarts Legacy Polyjuice Plot walkthrough below will guide you to Scrope’s location and help you learn the password, which is related to the Black Family Motto.

Where To Find Professor Fig In The Polyjuice Plot

The Polyjuice Plot becomes available when you complete the previous main quest named The Headmistress Speaks.

Once you leave the Map Chamber, if you open your Field Guide and access the Quests Tab, you can see the current quest, so make sure you track it.

The first objective is to find Fig, so open your Field Guide Map, then on your Hogwarts Map, select The Astronomy Wing from the list on the left side, followed by Professor Fig’s Classroom Floo Flame.

When you arrive at the Floo Flame, head through the southwestern door to enter the Classroom, then check Fig’s office on top of the stairs on the other side.

If Fig is not inside the office, interact with the glowing circle on the ground and wait for him.

Hogwarts Legacy The Polyjuice Plot Walkthrough

When Fig arrives, talk to him, and tell him about the repository the Goblins want to find using the drills they’ve built inside The Mine’s Eye (It’s All Gobbledegook main quest).

As you continue to share the news with Fig, you’ll be able to tell him about Lodgok and Miriam’s friendship and how much the Goblin cared for Fig’s deceased wife. As much as Fig wants to know more about Lodgok, he’s more concerned about the third Trial.

When you tell him that the third Trial is inside the Headmaster’s office at Hogwarts, he’ll let you know that to enter the office, you must get past the Stone Gargoyle using a password only Black and his house elf know.

Since you can’t get the password from Black, it means that you’ll need to deal with the elf, known as Scrope. The problem is that Scrope won’t talk about the password with anyone except Professor Black.

Luckily for you, Fig has a Polyjuice you can drink to take Black’s aspect for a limited time. You may remember the Polyjuice Potion Harry Potter and Ron Weasley used during their second year to turn into Goyle and Crabbe so they could question Draco Malfoy.

Well, you are bout to drink the same Potion, but you’ll become Professor Black. After you drink the Potion, Fig explains that the next step is to find Scrope and that Madam Kogawa may know his location. So your objective is to get to Madam Kogawa.

Where To Find Madam Kogawa

After leaving Fig’s Office, you should be aware that the option to fast-travel is disabled, meaning that you won’t be able to move quickly to the next destination. That’s because there are some mandatory events and conversations you’ll have to complete while playing the role of Professor Black.

As such, leave Fig’s Classroom and make sure you track The Polyjuice Plot quest in your journal. Pay close attention to the path outlined on your minimap.

After you exit Fig’s Classroom, follow the northwestern corridor, and you’ll bump into Professor Sharp.

Hogwarts Legacy The Polyjuice Plot Guide

You won’t be able to skip the next conversation regarding a specific potion Black asked about. Answer however you want when Sharp asks you to find a better location to talk about the Potion.

Eventually, you’ll discover that Black asked Sharp for a potion to cure his boils.
After dealing with Black’s boils, descend the stairs and follow the marker on your minimap until you exit the school. Near the door leading outside, you’ll find Ominis.

If you want, you can talk to him, but you can also skip the conversation if you don’t want to find out how to mix Dittany and Bubotubers to create a mustache paste.

Once you exit the school, you should see Madam Kogawa on the bridge ahead.

Hogwarts Legacy The Polyjuice Plot Dialogue Choices

When you talk to Madam Kogawa, she’ll ask you if you would reconsider your decision to interrupt the Quidditch Cup. When Madam Kogawa threatens you and claims that she’ll write a letter to the Department of Magical Games and Sports, answer however you want because the dialogue choice won’t affect the story or the current quest.

Eventually, Madam Kogawa will tell you that your house elf is in the Great Hall. So, from your current location, you’ll want to cross the bridge ahead and follow the stairs on the left side to return to the school.

As you approach the main door, you can also ask Cressida Blume about her affinity. Again this interaction is optional but nevertheless hilarious.

The Polyjuice Plot Scrope’s Password

After entering the school, follow the stairs leading southeast and cross the next room. Now, you’ll meet Professor Weasley, so it’s time to put a good word for Professor Fig. When asked why Fig needs more freedom, again, you can choose whatever you want.

With Professor Weasley out of the way, head through the next door, and you will reach the Great Hall. Cross the Great Hall and approach the pedestal on the other side, where you’ll find Scrope.

Hogwarts Legacy The Polyjuice Plot Scrope Password

After decorating the Great Hall with the banners of your House (because you can), talk to Scrope and ask him to remind you the password to your office. Since Scrope is suspicious because you asked him never to tell the password to anyone (including you), you’ll have to convince them by picking one of the available dialogue choices:

  • You dare question me?
  • I’ve changed my mind

Pick the one you want because both have the same result. Scrope will tell you that is the Black Family Motto.

Hogwarts Legacy Black Family Motto

When Scrope asks you if you remember the Black Family Motto, you’ll get three choices:

  • It’s to do with strength
  • It’s to do with my family’s reign
  • It’s to do with purity of blood

The interesting aspect of this dialogue choice, or quiz, is that all three answers are wrong. If you are unfamiliar with the Harry Potter lore, you should know that the Black Family Motto is Toujours Pur. Translated from french, it means Always Pure; however, even if you pick the third choice from the list above, Scrope will tell you that you are close but not correct.

So no matter how you decide to answer Scrope, he’ll think that you are testing him, thus telling you the correct password, which, as explained, is Toujours Pur.

Hogwarts Legacy The Polyjuice Plot Black Family Motto

Where To Hide As The Polyjuice Potion Wears Off

Now that you found the Headmaster’s Office password in Hogwarts Legacy, it’s time to hide and return to your true form.

Cross the Great Hall moving northwest, and in the corner, you’ll see some stairs leading up. Follow them, and you’ll see a privacy dressing screen when you reach the upper floor.

Hogwarts Legacy The Polyjuice Plot Quest Guide

Interact with it, and the Hogwarts Legacy Polyjuice Plot quest ends.

After finishing The Polyjuice Plot, it’s time to complete Niamh Fitzgerald’s Trial; but you can also opt to finish other side-quests you have available. Remember to check our Hogwarts Legacy Wiki Hub here if you need help with them.

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