Hogwarts Legacy In The Shadow Of Distance: How To Complete

February 15, 2023

Hogwarts Legacy In The Shadow Of Distance is the fifth relationship quest included in Sebastian Sallow’s questline, in which you’ll have a debrief with him.

In The Shadow Of Distance, you’ll give Sebastian the bad news regarding uncle Solomon and Anne’s wishes after what happened in Feldcroft.

Going through this conversation is mandatory to progress his questline and get you closer to unlocking the final Unforgivable Curse, Avada Kedavra.

Let’s see how to unlock In The Shadow Of Distance Quest and discover Sebastian’s next move.

How To Unlock In The Shadow Of Distance Quest In Hogwarts Legacy

To unlock In The Shadow Of Distance Relationship Quest, you’ll have to finish Sebastian’s previous quests until you’ve completed In The Shadow Of Time Quest, where you learned the spell Imperio.

This requires you to progress the story until you’ve completed the Fire And Vice Story Quest, where you and Poppy sabotage a dragon fighting ring.

Then, Sebastian will send you a message through the Owl Post to meet with him in the Undercroft, your secret meeting place.

If you don’t receive his message, keep completing other side quests until he becomes available in the Undercroft.

Hogwarts Legacy In The Shadow Of Distance Quest Location

How To Complete In The Shadow Of Distance Quest

Fast-travel to Defence Against the Dark Arts Classroom in The Astronomy Wing, go down the stairs, and enter the Undercroft through the entrance beneath the stairs.

Speak with Sebastian and give him the bad news about what uncle Solomon had to say due to the use of Dark Magic.

Sebastian disagrees, saying he had to stop a goblin from killing his sister but remains determined to learn more about the relic’s power that he believes could save Anne from the curse.

He also believes that banishing him will not make him give up on Anne and plans to send a crest to her as a signal to meet.

Hogwarts Legacy In The Shadow Of Distance Dialogues

When you ask about the crest, Sebastian explains that it is a keepsake that his sister gave him before they went to live with Solomon.

The crest holds no enchantment, but it is a symbol that Sebastian believes will help him reach Anne.

When you are warning him that uncle Solomon could intercept the message and get them expelled, Sebastian believes that Ominis will help you both if you need it and promises to update you when he has news.

This concludes our In The Shadow Of Distance Quest in the action video game developed by Avalanche Software for PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch.

If you wish to continue Sebastian Sallow’s questline, his following quest is In the Shadow of Hope. Also, make sure to check our Hogwarts Legacy Wiki Hub here for more helpful guides.

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