Hogwarts Legacy Crossed Wands Round 2 Duel Guide

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February 8, 2023

Crossed Wands Round 2 is the second combat side quest in a series of three, where you must prove yourself against three other students in Hogwarts Legacy. During Crossed Wands Round 2 Side Quest, each opponent is protected by a Violet or Yellow Shield, which makes them invulnerable to your Basic Cast attacks.

To start the Crossed Wands Round 2 Side Quest, finish the Crossed Wands Round 1 and progress the story until you start Professor Hecat’s Assignment 1. Then, open the map, select The South Wing black flag, and fast-travel to Clock Tower Courtyard Floo Flames. Talk to Lucan Brattleby and select the second prompt message to begin the side quest.

Hogwarts Legacy Crossed Wands Round 2 Quest Starting Location

It is recommended to pick a partner to aid you in the battle to avoid getting overwhelmed.

How to Defeat Your Opponents and Win the Duel

To complete the Crossed Wands Round 2 Quest, you’ll have to defeat the other three opponents. All three opponents have a Yellow or Violet Shield that protects them from Basic Cast attacks. To break the Violet Shields, use the spell Accio you’ve learned during Charms Class Main Quest.

Use the spell Levioso you’ve learned during Defence Against The Dark Arts Class for the Yellow Shields.

Defeat Your Opponents

The main strategy here is to break the shield of one of the opponents and focus on him until you take him out. Doing so, you avoid getting hit after hit by multiple targets. Also, use your wand by pressing (R1) near the barrels around the arena to throw them into your opponents and deal damage.

Use the Protego Spell by pressing (△)/(Y) when you see the golden aura above your head to deflect the incoming projectiles and preserve your health. After you successfully defeat all three opponents, there will be a short cutscene with Lucan Brattleby, which will finish the Crossed Wands Round 2 Side Quest in Hogwarts Legacy.

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