Hogwarts Legacy Carted Away: Where To Find Arn’s Carts

by Vlad
February 8, 2023

Hogwarts Legacy Carted Away is a side quest you can complete while exploring the South Hogwarts Region.

You will first reach the South Hogwarts Region when you meet Natty Onai in Lower Hogsfield hamlet during the main story quest The Girl From Uagadou.

After you talk with Natty Onai and complete the story mission, to start the Carted Away side quest you must find the NPC Arn, a goblin who lost his business after getting attacked by Ranrok’s Loyalists.

Therefore, if you’re having problems finding the Hogwarts Legacy Carted Away quest giver or completing the side mission, check the following walkthrough.

Where To Find Arn In Carted Away Side Quest

First, you must travel to Lower Hogsfield, a hamlet located south of Hogwarts Legacy castle in the South Hogwarts Region, as shown on the following map.

Hogwarts Legacy Carted Away Walkthrough Map

Once you enter the hamlet, you must go to the left down the road and pass the two houses.

The quest giver stands sad by the lake in front of a well, as shown in the next picture.

Hogwarts Legacy Carted Away Guide

Now interact with the NPC, and he will tell you that his possessions got stolen by the loyalists because Ranrok has no patience with goblins that don’t want to join him.

The bandits stole his carts and his most precious paintings and took them to a camp southwest of Hogwarts Legacy Lower Hogsfield hamlet.

Arn enchanted the carts to return to him if they ever got stolen, so all you need to do now is to find the Ranrok’s Loyalists’ camp and free the carts.

Where To Find The Carted Away Carts

Arn’s possessions are hidden in a camp southwest of the hamlet in the Hogwarts Valley region, more precisely at the location pointed out on the map below.

Hogwarts Legacy Carted Away Where To Find Camp

The camp is full of powerful goblins, so be sure you have plenty of Wiggenweld Potions to keep your health topped up during the battle.

After you take down all Hogwarts Legacy Ranrok’s Loyalists, look for the gate inside the camp shown in the following picture.

Hogwarts Legacy Carted Away Walkthrough

Now you must open the gate and watch how Arn’s carts start to move by themselves down the road leading to Lower Hogsfield hamlet.

To complete the Hogwarts Legacy Carted Away side mission, go back to the place marked on the first map where you started the side quest and speak again with Arn, who will give you a Goblin-Made Helmet as a reward for your effort.

If you continue to explore this region for collectibles, make sure you check our guide here on where to find the South Hogwarts Field Guide Pages.

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