Hogwarts Legacy Troll Control: How To Dispatch Alexandra’s Troll

February 10, 2023

Hogwarts Legacy Troll Control is one of the monster hunt quests in which you’ll have to take down a Troll for the community’s safety.

But this Troll is quite difficult to defeat without a proper strategy since its level is higher than the required level to start the side quest.

So, follow this guide to learn where to find Alexandra’s Troll and how to take him out in Troll Control Side Quest.

How To Start Troll Control Side Quest In Hogwarts Legacy

Troll Control Side Quest becomes available after you progress through the story until you have finished Tomes and Tribulations Main Quest and reached Level 13.

Then, you’ll have to visit a small community in the Hogwarts Valley called Brocburrow, which is southeast of Hogwarts Castle.

Once you get there, look for Alexandra Ricketts and talk to her to begin the Troll Control Quest.

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After you speak with her, you’ll learn that she tried to train a Troll to protect the community, but her plan went wrong, and you’ll need to take him out.

How To Defeat Alexandra’s Troll In Hogwarts Legacy

To reach Troll’s Den, head south from Brocburrow for 130-140 meters, following the quest marker until you see Alexandra’s Troll patrolling the area.

Alexandra’s Troll is Level 19 and can be quite a challenge if you are under this level and play with normal difficulty or above. But it’s not impossible.

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Alexandra’s Troll performs three types of attacks, some of them being unblockable with Protego.

ChargePerforms an unblockable charged attack toward the target.Dodge roll out of his way by pressing (O)/(B).
Boulder ThrowPicks up and throws a boulder at the target.Deflect the throw by pressing (△)/(Y) or dodge roll by pressing (O)/(B).
Club Attack ComboPerforms a three-attack combo. The first two attacks are unblockable, and the third can be countered with Protego.Dodge roll out of his way by pressing (O)/(B), then deflect the third attack by pressing (△)/(Y).

An efficient way to interrupt any of his attacks mentioned above is to use the Ancient Magic Throw by pressing (R1)/(RT) to throw boulders or barrels around the Troll’s Den and stagger him.

Also, throwing boulders or barrels deals high amounts of damage, getting you closer to a sweet victory.

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It is worth mentioning that spells such as Levioso or Accio do not work against the Troll. Swap these spells with Damage Spells.

As you lower its health bar, keep an eye out for your Ancient Magic Meter. Cast the Ancient Magic by pressing (L1)+(R1)/(LB)+(RB) whenever it’s ready to deal lots of damage.

If you can’t manage to defeat him and it’s too much of a challenge, you can always change the difficulty in the settings or return when you’re at a higher level and better equipped.

After you dispatch Alexandra’s Troll, return to Alexandra and give her the news, which will complete the Troll Control Side Quest in Hogwarts Legacy.

As a reward for your efforts, you’ll receive Troll Hat Gear Appearance and 180 XP.

If you need additional help solving puzzles or quests, consider visiting our Wiki Hub here for more useful guides.

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