Hogwarts Legacy South Hogwarts Region: Where To Find The Infamous Foe

February 28, 2023

Hogwarts Legacy South Hogwarts Region Infamous Foe is called The Insatiable Spider, and he is a level 25 boss enemy that can be hard to beat if you are not at the same level as him or playing on a lower difficulty.

Just like with other Infamous Foes in Hogwarts Legacy, you won’t just fight The Insatiable Spider alone because he will be accompanied by his minions.

Also, before reaching the boss enemy, you’ll have to fight a level 27 Thornback Matriarch, who can be even more difficult to defeat because of the higher level.

As such, if you can’t find or defeat The Insatiable Spider, it would be best to check our Hogwarts Legacy South Hogwarts Region Infamous Foe guide below.

Where To Find The South Hogwarts Region Infamous Foe

If you are wondering why you can’t find the South Hogwarts Region Infamous Foe even though you’ve explored the area carefully, it’s because The Insatiable Spider can be defeated only during the Tangled Web side quest.

To start this quest, you have to talk to Crispin Dune, who you’ll find in The Three Broomsticks Inn in Hogsmeade.

Then you’ll have to travel to the Aranshire hamlet, east of Hogwarts Castle, at the location marked on the following Hogwarts Legacy map.

Hogwarts Legacy South Hogwarts Region Infamous Foe Location Map

Once in the small hamlet, you must fight a bunch of spiders; then you have to look for Mary, whose body you’ll find wrapped in spider web in the first house north of the Floo Flame here.

Interact with the spider web, then get out of the house and go to the cellar behind the building.

Hogwarts Legacy South Hogwarts Region Infamous Foe Location

Now let’s see how to defeat The Insatiable Spider, who is waiting for you somewhere in Mary Portman’s Cellar.

How To Defeat The South Hogwarts Region Infamous Foe

After entering the cellar, you must first find 12 Egg Sacs and destroy them.

If you have problems finding the Egg Sacs, refer to our Tangled Web side quest guide linked above.

Make sure you stock up on Ancient Magic energy along the way because you’ll need it to defeat the stronger enemies like the South Hogwarts Region Infamous Foe.

Once you’ve destroyed the Egg Sacs, you must follow the quest’s tracker to find the source of the eggs.

However, the level 27 Thornback Matriarch we’ve mentioned will get in your way, and we suggest using Ancient Magic on the tanky enemy. But make sure you save enough for the final boss.

Upon defeating the Thornback Matriarch, continue following the quest’s tracker, and you’ll finally find The Insatiable Spider.

How To Defeat Hogwarts Legacy South Hogwarts Region Infamous Foe

First, try to defeat the smaller mobs, then focus on the boss.

Use all the remaining Ancient Magic shots on the boss, and then finish the Infamous Foe with normal damage spells (the red ones).

Don’t forget to dodge his powerful attacks by pressing the Circle/B button on your PlayStation/Xbox controller.

The difficulty of the battle depends on your level. It can be hard, but we’re sure you’ll get it done.

That’s all! You’ve defeated the only Hogwarts Legacy South Hogwarts Region Infamous Foe. However, you can now continue exploring the beautiful open world or complete quests, and if you run into trouble, go to our Wiki Hub here.

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